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Vlone shirts come in a variety of different colors and styles. Learn more about the Vlone shirt brand and its benefits here.

Tips to Choose Ideal Vlone Shirt

Vlone shirts come in a variety of styles, colors and materials. Hence, this becomes a difficult task for those who have no experience buying a t-shirt.

The three main types of shirts to consider for a are wingtip, mandarin, and collar layouts. Mandarin collar is a short stand-up collar style that extends over a shirt or jacket. They start with cleavage and usually rise vertically between 2 and 5 inches. The wingtip collar extends about an inch before inflating from the front. The collar term is similar to the type of shirt you can find in everyday wear.

Wool and cotton are the most common types of fabric. However, there are also shirts made from fabrics such as silk, cashmere and some synthetic variations. Factors to consider when buying a t- shirt are price, comfort, breathability and wrinkle resistance. Vlone shirts are available in a variety of colors. The details listed below will help you find the right shirt for any occasion.

White T-shirt:

This is the most popular t-shirt shirt. This shirt offers a neat professional look and is perfect for suits, office wear, and even fun social events. Also, a white shirt goes well with a bow tie, a vest and a set of shoes. Jackets and trousers of any color will always go with a white shirt. You can find more variations in style and material with white compared to other colors.

Black T- Shirt:

This is the second most popular Vlone shirt. Suitable for all types of events. You can choose either a solid black t- shirt or a striped t- shirt. Usually there are fine thin white stripes running vertically along the striped version of the visually appealing black shirt. These shirts are available in standard fabrics such as cotton and polyester.

Blue T- shirt:

Compared to the traditional blue formal shirt, the blue t- shirt is not very popular. Younger people prefer younger colors because older gentlemen look like they are wearing blue shirts in the office. Wear this colorful shirt in a midnight blue t-shirt and a dark blue bow tie with a pale blue pocket square. This is a classic blue outfit that will help you look very elegant.

Ivory T- Shirt:

An ivory t- shirt can be substituted for a white t- shirt. Basically, you can use any color (except other shades of blue) for a pocket square with a bow tie and an ivory shirt. These shirts are available in a variety of styles. You can choose everything from luxury vintage t- shirts to ivory t- shirts with French cuffs. This shirt goes well with a nice black bow tie, silver cufflinks and ivory pocket squares.

Pink T-Shirt:

This shirt has been gaining popularity in recent years. This color is suitable for festive spring and summer events and can make your official event even more lively and lively.

Red T-shirt:

This is most rarely seen in advertisements from t-shirt rental companies or t-shirt stores. However, the red t-shirt shirt is a very popular shirt, and few people are looking for this color shirt as it is a white t-shirt shirt. This shirt is good enough for most cases, but sometimes it can be zippered in a more conservative circle. An example of a cool red shirt set: wear a black t-shirt, a black bow tie, a dark red shirt on a tank top and a red pocket square.

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