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Hospital curtains are an essential part of the hospital experience. Find out how to choose the best curtains here.

How to choose the right hospital curtains

The curtains in hospitals play a very important role. It is not only for the aesthetic appeal but health and privacy. It is also critical when it comes to fire retardation. The hospital curtains can be used for innumerable purposes. Therefore, it is essential that the right curtains are being installed. 

Medical institutions often find it difficult to find the right hospital curtain which they can use. Fortunately, there are some factors which they may take into account. Following is the list which can be considered:

Type of fabric

The most important element of any hospital curtain is the fabric. Given that the curtain will be installed in a healthcare facility, it is essential that the fabric is durable. These curtains are also used heavily on a regular basis. This is why the fabric needs to be strong which can resist wear and tear. Furthermore, it should be allergen resistant. The material should not encourage breeding of allergens such as pollen, mold and dirt. This can cause a major problem for the patients. 

Resistance to stain and flame

The hospital curtains should be resistant to stain and flame. Choosing a fire-resistant fabric means that the risk of fire spreading is decreased. Otherwise, it could potentially cause high damage to the hospital’s property. Furthermore, the curtain should be resistant to stain. Some stains may contain virus, bacteria and fungi. This can have a detrimental impact on the patient’s health. Therefore, choose a fabric which is resistant to stain and otherwise, easily washable. 

Antimicrobial characteristics

Another important factor to consider is that the hospital curtain should have antimicrobial characteristics. If you choose a material which is not antimicrobial in nature, it can become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. This can be a major threat to the health of the patients. Therefore, the curtain should have antimicrobial characteristics which will automatically eliminate potential bacteria, fungi and viruses as soon as the same contacts the surface of the curtain. 

Ease of maintenance and cleaning

Hospital is an area where the curtains are highly likely to get dirty very often. Therefore, it is advisable to choose those curtains which can be easily washed. It should be very easy to disinfect the surface of the curtain. Ideally, just wiping the cloth should be sufficient cleaning. Moreover, you should go for machine washable curtains. This will ensure that it can be cleaned properly. 

The bottom line

Choosing hospital curtains can be a critical task for medical institutions out there. This is due to the importance attached to the curtains. In any event, you must consider getting these curtains from suppliers who have a good reputation in the industry.

There are many reputed suppliers who may provide curtains of high quality. While purchasing the curtains from the supplier, you may ask him about the factors mention above to make the right choice. Also shop through different suppliers to get a better product in the market. 

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