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China – Let The World See 

China is one of the most beautiful countries with rich ancient cultures. Culture and tradition are the moral values and the national identity of China. Tremendous diversity in culture and variety makes it one of the most popular and lovable cultures among the different generations. Most people and tourists want to visit China to explore its traditions and culture, and many want to capture its beauty and culture and write about it to let the world see China on a broader spectrum.

China – The World’s Largest Population Country

China is the most populous country, having about 1.4 billion people, according to a world bank report, which covers 18.47% of the total world population, and is the largest populated country in the world. It comprises one of the most ancient civilizations with cultural practice and profound influence on etiquette, virtues, traditions, and philosophy. People love to know about Chinese culture, business, architecture, religion, politics, martial arts, music, dance, cuisine, and many more.

The Culture Of China 

Tourists and travelers are always curious to know about the culture and traditions of a country they want to travel and when you want to travel to China, learning about their traditions and culture will help you to enjoy your journey in China. The culture of China is rich in science, arts, painting, sculpture, elaborated painting, festivals, and fine poetry. There is a great emphasis on family ethics which means the people of China have great respect for family structure. Language literature, philosophy, and politics have a strong influence, and architectural traditions are highly appreciated and respected worldwide.

The Tradition Of China 

China saves a history of more than 5,000, and that’s why the Chinese have diversified traditional festivals you have experienced during your visit to China. Some of them are Lantern Festival, Spring festival, Qingming Festival, Dragon festival, mid-Autumn day, Chinese new year, and much more. All these traditional festivals have their own significance and importance in Chinese tradition.

Religion & Ethnic Groups Of China

When it comes to religion, China is a multi-religious country. Followers of Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, and Catholicism all lives here. Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism are the three pillars of ancient Chinese culture. Eighty percent of Han Chinese people follow the religious practices of Taoism and traditional Chinese folk religion. 3 to 4 % are Christian, 1 to 2 % are Muslims, and 10 to 16 % are Buddhists.


Because China is one of the most populated countries, hundreds of languages are spoken in China. In China, Mandarin is the official language, and 70% of people are natives of Mandarin. Most of the people of China use their mother tongue or regional language, and Chinese is their second language.

Art & Calligraphy Of China

Unique artwork is the most crucial part of China culture and tradition. Chinese art includes painting, java craving, sculpture, pottery, performing art, architecture, and other fine and decorative art forms that are the part of Chinese culture for centuries. Calligraphy is a visual art that is also a part of Chinese tradition. Calligraphy in china is a style of Chinese writing that is very beautiful and artistic and reflects the importance of the words. Chinese calligraphy includes five categories seal script, clerical, regular, cursive, and running script.

Let the World See

China is a big country, and the more ancient its culture and tradition are, the more people get interested in knowing about it, learning its language, and watching documentaries and festivals. China has a great range of TV channels, more than 3,000, like CCTV, Shenzhen TV, Zhejiang Television, Shanghai Dragon Television, AHTV, and Tianjin Television. These are good sources for knowing more about China. 

Moreover, if you love to watch Chinese content in Chinese, why not become part of the Chinese community that watches content in the Chinese language on ifvod? It really helps people to understand and learn the Chinese language. 


China is home to a diverse and vibrant culture; the more you read and learn about it, the more exciting things will come in front of you, like the compelling stories of dragons and kung fu. 

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