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Many childhood stars can struggle with the transition into adulthood. Take a look at some recent and older childhood stars who are struggling with adulthood.

Childhood Stars Struggling to Support Themselves in Adulthood

For those of us who catch ourselves checking out celebrities “Where Are They Now?” content, whether it’s a biography special or a clickbait article on the interwebs, it’s likely that some of us might be on the lookout for some of those child celebs who captured our hearts and minds on the small or silver screen when we were younger ourselves.

Average Celeb Income

You might be surprised to know that the average celebrity, according to ZipRecruiter, earns a little less than 80k as far as annual salary goes. Just like with regular folks, some of these celebrities are better and managing their money than others.

The truth is, many childhood celebrities and kid actors/actresses get left in the dust, either because their parents ingratiate themselves to their entire fortunes, falling victim to substance abuse problems, horrible investment practices, or the acting work tends to dry up.

Some celebrities out there might have a net worth that will surprise you. However, some child actors and actresses you used to know and love might have a net worth less than your own. They may even have to rely on a quick loan to help pay the bills.

Just like with adult movie and television stars, childhood celebrities might fall into the trap of thinking that the good times and big paychecks will keep rolling in. It also might be true that more than a few kid celebs lose their luster and/or cuteness as they mature and become adults.

Below, we go over some childhood household faces and names who have either gone completely broke or are now struggling to pay the rent.

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong might have had big-time roles in blockbusters like Terminator 2: Judgement Day as well as the infamous American History X, however, in recent years Furlong has gotten into more than a little trouble personally and financially. After significant acting roles dried up, it was reported that Furlong succumbed to substance abuse, perhaps blowing his acting dollars on these sorts of indulgences.

Furlong actually did make an appearance in Terminator: Dark Fate recently thanks to director Tim Miller utilizing de-aging special effects technology, since Furlong doesn’t appear to have aged well and the film itself takes place shortly after T2. Hopefully, Furlong learns the error of his ways and his bad luck changes.

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse might be the other half of the TV series Zack and Cody duo and known for his charming role in the Adam Sandler vehicle Big Daddy, but these days it is reported that Sprouse now works on the side at a New York restaurant as a host in order to feed a crippling video game addiction. 

Even though it has been reported that Sprouse has a net worth of $8 million, when the acting roles dried up, Sprouse was spotted crafting lattes at Mudspot Cafe and Restaurant in the East Village. Sprouse later denied accusations that he was broke, but did admit that he was acting instinctively and trying to earn income in any way possible.

Lindsay Lohan

There’s no doubt that Lindsay Lohan was looking at a bright future starring as a child in The Parent Trap reboot, not to mention the iconic comedy Mean Girls. However, after some brushes with the law and substance abuse problems, Lohan started getting into trouble financially. 

Although Lohan did capture a role in Paul Schrader’s The Canyons, her opposite was pornographic film star James Deen in his first ever dramatic film role. Most recent film roles for Lohan have not absolved her from financial struggles. It was documented that Lohan once borrowed $100,000 from Charlie Sheen, who appeared with her in Scary Movie 5

Gaby Hoffmann

Instead of ending on a negative note, we decided to go with a more inspirational story, and Gaby Hoffmann is one story with a fairly happy ending. Hoffman had more than a few acting roles during her youth, including classics like Uncle Buck and Sleepless in Seattle

There was a certain point in Hoffman’s adult life when she only had a few duckets to her name. During a 2013 interview confession, she admitted that at one point she had only two dollars to her name. Hoffmann would later clarify that this number was an exaggeration and that she actually was only down to $4,000. 

These days Hoffman has a net worth of around $1.5 million and has had roles in popular shows like Girls and Transparent. Way to go, Gaby!

If you’re wondering about how your favorite child actors from the past or present are doing as far as work and income goes, IMDB is always a good resource to conduct your initial research. 

Some kid celebs might be on the right track with their finances, while others might be taking out car title loans on their Lamborghinis. One thing is for sure, if you’re in need of a quick loan yourself, you may want to explore other avenues taking out a loan from any of the former child stars listed above.

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