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Actors: they're just like us. Except they bet more than we do at the casino. Find out what celebrities are well-known for their gambling habits.

Did you know these famous actors are pro gamblers?

Gambling is just as much of a relaxing pastime as reading or painting. For some people, spinning the roulette wheel or betting on major horse races is just as relaxing as going to the movies or taking a spa day. Even celebrities, amid the glitz & glitter, find relaxation when they hit the casino floor. 

But while plenty of celebrities enjoy gambling, there’s some who you could find making bank on the slots or at the poker table. These celebrities have earned millions not only from their Hollywood lifestyle, but from their love of gambling. 

If you want to try and catch up with these legendary stars, you can always try online gambling to get your thrills. Of course, make sure any online casinos you pick are legitimate. Only recently, more jurisdictions started to create self-exclusion schemes and UKGC’s is today strongest. Still, there are many sites that are not on Gamstop and there are still too many alternatives for players.

Ben Affleck

Shockingly, Batman himself is a huge fan of poker. All jokes aside, Affleck is a legitimate pro poker player, and to this day still competes in prestigious poker competitions around the world. Over the years, Affleck has amassed many poker titles to add to his collection of acting and directing awards. 

Tobey Maguire

100% true story: Tobey Maguire lost millions in a poker game against Ben Affleck. The world of celebrity high-stakes poker goes a lot deeper than you probably think. The Spider-Man star is well known for his love of Texas Hold ‘Em, and has been playing the game competitively since his teens. 

Brad Pitt

Rusty Ryan never retired from the world of gambling. Ironically, Pitt’s role in Ocean’s Eleven is the start of his gambling career. Unlike his fellow star though, Pitt wasn’t drawn to one game in particular. Over the years, paparazzi have caught the actor in casinos around the world spinning the slots, betting on horses, and flying high with blackjack. 

Derren Brown

The casino seems like the perfect place for a mentalist to really test their abilities. Derren Brown has such a good betting record that many UK casinos have barred the illusionist from playing, in fear of going bankrupt from his wins. Claiming he can predict his opponent’s moves, Brown has a tendency to stick with blackjack & poker. 

50 Cent

You may not catch the rapper at the casino, but you’ll definitely see him dropping millions betting on major sporting events. Past winning bets for the rapper include Mayweather winning against Pacquiao, and the 49ers losing to the Giants. Though those are far from the first time the rapper scored big in sports betting. 

Don Johnson

Best known for his role on Miami Vice, Don Johnson made over 10% of his net worth in one crazy night in Atlantic City, New Jersey. When most people would quit after making their money back in blackjack, Johnson just kept going, willing to lose it all. Lucky for him, he did the exact opposite and ran away with nearly $6 million in winnings. 

Charlie Sheen

On the not-so-happy ending side of gambling tales, Charlie Sheen’s downward spiral was captured quite intensely in tabloids. Amid his messy divorce with ex-wife Denise Richards, she told journalists Sheen was spending $200 thousand a week at the casino and losing it all. 

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