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2020 became the year of celebrity accountability. Here are all the celebrities also accusing Ellen DeGeneres of being mean.

Here are all the celebrities accusing Ellen DeGeneres of being mean

When 2020 became the year of celebrity accountability, it’s likely no one expected Ellen DeGeneres to be at the front of a scandal – least of all one implicating the star on allegations of workplace harassment against the crew of her popular talk show. 

After a Twitter thread asking for examples explaining why Ellen is “one of the meanest people alive” got thousands of responses in April, members of Ellen’s staff & crew came forward with countless stories of unacceptable behavior on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

While an internal investigation is currently adding more pressure on the host, some celebrities have stepped up to share their thoughts – and they don’t have the nicest things to say. Here are all the celebrities also accusing Ellen of being mean. 

DeGeneres disappointed Nikkie de Jager

Anyone who’s been following the now publicized rumors of Ellen’s shocking behind-the-scenes behavior will recognize the name Nikkie de Jager. The Dutch beauty vlogger of Youtube’s “Nikkie Tutorials” was one of the first celebrities to speak out about her appearance on DeGeneres’s show in January 2020. 

The influencer appeared on a Dutch talk show to detail her interview with Ellen, and she had some unpleasant things to say. Nikkie described Ellen as “cold and distant,” and was shocked the host never greeted her before taping. Nikkie described not being offered a private toilet because the one available was “reserved for the Jonas Brothers.” 

The Dutch vlogger explained how unlike the charming way The Ellen DeGeneres Show is publicized, it was far less charming in reality. Nikkie de Jager’s expectations were turned in a full circle, saying she favors the show way more than Ellen herself. 

Brad Garrett gets real 

Not a week ago, Brad Garrett sent a tweet taking a firm stance on accusations of Ellen’s misbehavior. Garrett, who rose to fame primarily thanks to his near-decade on the hit family show Everybody Loves Raymond, rebuked Ellen’s recent apology to her staff last week. 

Garrett tweeted, “it comes from the top” – referring to a culture of harassment and poor treatment from Ellen to her staff. The actor claimed to know “more than one who were treated horribly by [Ellen],” and all of this is, in fact, “common knowledge.” 

While we’re dying to hear more about the others who share the knowledge of Ellen’s mean behavior, Garret has been one of the biggest celebrities to date who has validated the many complaints by Ellen’s staff. 

Lea Thompson takes a turn  

As the internet worked its magic by spreading Garrett’s tweet to the world, it prompted one of those potential others who shares “common knowledge” of Ellen’s mean streak to speak out. 

Actress Lea Thompson who may be best known for her role as Lorraine Baines in the Back to the Future franchise, is back in the spotlight after responding to Garrett’s tweet after it was shared by People magazine. 

All it took were four little words for Thompson to share her thoughts on the matter: “True story. It is.” The “story” Leah referred to was the consensus that several stars who’ve worked with Ellen – or appeared on her show – are aware of the common mean behavior by the host. 

Neil Breen shares his story 

Breen may not be a celebrity you’re familiar with, but the Australian radio host has a popular radio show called “4BC Breakfast.” Last week, Breen addressed Ellen’s alleged mean streak on his program, recalling his only encounter with the talk show host back in 2013.

Breen was working as a producer on the Australian Today show when he and his crew were conducting a sit-down interview with Ellen in Melbourne. Breen recalled how he received a very detailed set of rules on how to guide the show and act around DeGeneres. 

Breen explained how Ellen’s people took over the interview, controlling every conceivable aspect to ensure proper conditions for the host. Breen continued by remembering what he was told by Ellen’s producers: “You don’t talk to [Ellen], you don’t approach her, you don’t look at her.” 

Neil Breen admitted he never had the chance to speak to Ellen directly, and therefore didn’t blame Ellen for the “bizarre” nature of the interview. Breen noted, however, “the people who worked with [Ellen] walked on eggshells the whole time,” corroborating the complaints voiced by DeGeneres’s talk show staff. 

DeGeneres’s mean streak: What next? 

At the end of July, Ellen wrote a letter which expressed her “disappointment to learn” of the ill-feelings and mistrust held by members of her staff. DeGeneres also claimed to take responsibility for any issues on her set, but did not dive into any specific allegations. 

Some have stepped into Ellen’s defense – those like Scooter Braun, a celebrity-manager and friend of DeGeneres, were quick to remind viewers of all the positive contributions Ellen has made to the world with her kindness and philanthropy. Braun tweeted, “[Ellen] isn’t about what is popular she is about what is right.” 

Executive producer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Andy Lassner, also took to Twitter to stomp rumors Ellen would be taken off-air. With so much of 2020 still to play out, we aren’t sure when, or if, more celebrities will address Ellen DeGeneres’s mean streak. What has become clear is there’s no end in sight for the public pressure on DeGeneres.

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  • I always wondered why Ellen got away with demeaning men on the show by having them take their shirts off, wear short shorts, show photos of guests without their shirts on, and other demoralizing things. If a guy did that to women, he would be raked over the coals (and rightfully so). So, why is it OK for her to do the opposite? She also seemed to have a bit of a mean streak with contestants playing games on her show. And she never donated to anyone or any cause herself when she “helped”someone, just gave people checks from other businesses. I suppose that’s minor, but it rang a bit of phony. Cringe worthy TV for sure.

    August 3, 2020
    • Maya, seriously??? It’s no different then how women are treated. Look at the movies, showing naked women all the time. You certainly don’t see that with men in movies. Personally I can’t comment on her…..I don’t know her and have never been around her so I certainly wouldn’t be judgmental on someone I didn’t know.

      August 16, 2020
    • Not only that, she also forced Mariah Carey to admit that she was pregnant by making her drink champagne and ‘if you’re not pregnant you won’t drink’ on her talkshow once, as well as expose Taylor Swift’s love life in the most dehumanizing way possible. yeah, she’s. she’s definitely a problem.

      November 5, 2020
  • Not shocking news. When people are treated like gods, they start believing they are one. Wielding god-like power is way too much for ANYONE! They will eventually break mentally because, and this applies esp to “revered celebs”, the know deep down inside they are just as imperfect as the rest of humanity. Problem is they have to keep reassuring themselves by putting down everyone around them and demand obedience without fail. Sad to be so burdened as to be thought of so much “bigger” than you actually are. Abject failure WILL take them down from within. Good luck Ellen!

    August 3, 2020
    • You are absolutely correct. Im sorry exactly who the heck does she think she is?? Guess what sister, you put your pants on the same way i do. Show some quality about your self and have some respect! You, ELLEN ARE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. GOD will judge you just the same as anyone! There are not any support staff waiting for YOU at the pearly gates!

      August 17, 2020
  • When people become famous and have nothing but yes people around them. They start thinking they are so important and can get away with anything. Their attitude becomes worse and people who knew them before are afraid to say anything because then they will not be able to benefit from that person’s success. Ellen is not and won’t be the last to be rude and mean.

    August 4, 2020
  • There are obviously two sides to this. Of course nobody can expect Ellen Degeneres to be the nice persona she has to portray on the TV show. But also, it wouldn’t be hard to asume she’s a diva, being the center of attention that she is. I mean the single fact that anyone thinks/says that people work FOR them, is a horrible mistake on it’s own. One lesson to be learn by a ton of people these days, is that people pay other people to work WITH them not for them. Sure it’s semantics, but it says a lot indeed.

    August 4, 2020
  • I dont know any of them

    August 5, 2020
  • It’s hard to believe I wouldn’t believe Unless it’s hard facts

    August 5, 2020
  • smart ellen seems like the person to do that

    August 6, 2020
  • I do not like Ellen show because she treats people with respect and she acts like she is better than them but obviously money did not make her happy!
    Ellen acts nervous during her show which make others to be anxious instead of being relax !

    August 10, 2020
  • The fact is that those that work for her work for her every day. We dont know how she is with her staff behind closed doors. Celebrities rush to her defense but they have something in common …they are all celebrities..they all have money. Those working for her are the lower money makers on the totem pole and probably mean nothing to her. Fact is we know Ellen on tv…not in person and not behind closed doors.

    August 12, 2020
  • I still love Ellen and with this world today well… so what no one is allowed to get bitchy at times? I’m sure she didn’t treat everyone that bad I mean come on Ellen did a lot for everyone ijs … keep your head up Ellen 💯

    August 13, 2020
  • Maybe she’s getting back at people for what they did to her when she came out. But that’s not a very Christian way to act, or a kind way to act. Your audience built you up and they can take you down. Just ask Cathi Griffin.

    August 17, 2020
  • Remember Ellen , you were a nobody back in the day and they gave u a chance when you were a nobody so get off ur high horse and quit being a bitch . People don’t forget

    August 21, 2020
  • I don’t think anyone is without regrets at some point in their lives and wishing they could have a do over. So I say look at all the good she has done and give her a break and see how she finishes her career from here on out.

    August 22, 2020
  • Well, Her punishment at Gitmo should be that NO ONE TALKS TO HER OR LOOKS AT HER FOR ALL HER STAY, if she’s still even among the living. Run, Ellen, Run…Finally ellen gets her turn amongst the infamous gates, “ellenGate”. And for those that are not awake yet, this demon is an evil Human Trafficker, child seller, and adrenachrome addict.

    August 28, 2020
  • Ellen tells everyone to be kind to one another. What a joke. She demeans men on her show. Andy is made to stay outside her house and look at her inside her house. Like a little bitch. She has her staff men wear short shorts, and makes men take their shirts off. She does mean jokes to people, even her show of show is mean. Watching people’s reaction when there dropped from a high platform.

    August 31, 2020

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