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Carolina Brasil: Breaking Stigmas, Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking And Stepping Inside The Entertainment Industry

The past three years have seen the U.S. business climate shaken by generational changes. During this very short period of time, the emergence of a pandemic and economic instability has wreaked havoc on Wall Street, Detroit automakers, Silicon Valley, and other U.S. commerce centers.

And Hollywood has also been battered by sudden changes as the streaming model completely obliterated the theatrical release-DVD/VCR film industry business model. Then the Covid pandemic accelerated these changes and left wreckage out of what was left of this old Hollywood formula.

Indeed, the last few years have not been the easiest or safest time to launch a business enterprise or film-producing career, but that is exactly what businesswoman/producer Carolina Brasil has done- and thrived. This inspiring journey owes much to plain old hard work (a dirty word among Hollywood dreamers) and willingness to take risks when everyone else is overwhelmed by fear.

Carolina originally hails from Brazil and arrived in Hollywood a few years back with thoughts of becoming a working actress. With her movie-star looks and warm personality, Carolina was soon surrounded by many friends in the film industry and often found herself in the company of A-list celebrities at restaurants and events around L.A.

But all this rubbing elbows with stars at glamorous events wasn’t helping Carolina to book enough acting work. However, this experience of meeting people did help this entrepreneur woman to entertain an alternative plan- perhaps she could leverage her many contacts and do the hard work of producing her own projects. So Carolina decided on moving to a career on the other side of the camera and then decided to the right time to do it was . . .2019, just before the Covid crisis.

Despite the difficult timing of her launching her latest career, Carolina for once did not have to worry over the stigmas or limitations of being only seen as a very curvy  Latina actress. Now she could be free as a producer to write her own ticket. Literally.

But then the producing opportunities came one-after-another with Carolina being a partner in many different productions since wrapping her first big production in the summer of 2021. The following year 2022 proved to be an even better year for this unstoppable girl, as she closed 2022 with five movies shot, finished, and sold.

For her part, Carolina maintains a balanced perspective. “I have been Lucky in my way. I have met amazing people that were able to share experiences with me, and I was always up to learn everything in a very humble way, “ she said during a recent interview. She is also quick to credit others she met along the way.

Daemon Hillin (her producing partner in some projects ) was the first one that gave me the opportunity to showcase my skills, and he guided and incentivized me to become a producer on my own projects. I am alongside so many great people- and also Demetrius Stear became a great mentor. We talked straight about business and he also understands my creative side, respecting my opinions about cast and details on film projects.”

Carolina’s latest production effort, Sweating Bullets, was filmed in December  2022 in the US and will soon be released by the streaming Tubi TV channel.

We shot “Love by Design” as a romantic comedy in February 2022 that will be released on Valentine’s Day 2023 with Erik Roberts. It’s a cute movie and I am always open to talking about love, my favorite subject lol. However, Sweating Bullets is going to make people sweat in their seats,” Carolina exclaimed.

Sweating Bullets is billed as a vintage piece with lots of action and Carolina mentions she can’t wait for audiences to see the amazing cast the production team put together, including  Theo Rossi(Sons Of Anarchy), Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding) among other Hollywood veterans.

Carolina takes particular satisfaction in the launching of her production and promotions company, Stone Horus, a couple of years ago alongside her Business partner/attorney Anselmo Martini. Together, they have been creating content and also handling product placement and brand integration in different films and TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, and Two and Half Men, among many others.

Carolina also handles her other company, Crossing Networks, which connects foreign actors with productions in Hollywood and handles all the PR and Press, working with 15 U.S. and international magazines and Google News partners to promote clients in the digital space.

Among her latest notable collaborations are a music management partnership with Tony Viegas and noted Brazilian-American composer Daniel Figueiredo in the U.S.

So naturally, we concluded our time with this very busy woman by asking her if she missed being in front of cameras and when she might get back to acting. She only smiled and didn’t really give us an answer. To be continued . . obviously.

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