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Cameron Diaz Wine is a perfect choice for those who prefer sparkling drinks. Learn more about the actress' wine here.

Cameron Diaz Wine: It’s Always Time for Sparkling Wine

Most people know Cameron Diaz as a gorgeous actress, but she’s so much more than that. Cameron Diaz is a wine connoisseur, a lover of all things organic, and now a wine entrepreneur. It’s not uncommon for celebrities to leverage their status to open entrepreneurial endeavors and projects. Some of them are successful, but more often, they fail after the novelty of their appearance wears off.

But Cameron Diaz’s entrepreneurial stint is different because she’s doing something truly unique.

Cameron Diaz Wine isn’t like all other wines out there — it’s organic, natural vegan, and transparent. Those may seem like generic labels to you. After all, aren’t all wines inherently organic? And don’t MOST wines call themselves “organic?” Well, you’re right, most wines do carry the “organic” label, but we’ll let you into a little insider secret — they’re not actually organic at all!

We get it; you’re shocked. Cameron Diaz was just as shocked when she first realized that the wine she’d been drinking wasn’t truly organic.

In theory, wines are supposed to be fermented grapes — nothing more. However, in practice, wine manufacturers use dozens of artificial insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, colors, artificial flavors, and other additives. Some artificial products are used to increase product life, reduce the production cost, and prevent pest infestations. Others are used to increase the wine’s appeal to consumers.

You know how your tongue becomes purple when you drink red wine? That’s because of Mega Purple, a chemical compound added to enhance your experience.

Most wine brands can get away with this because the wine industry is completely unregulated. As long as the wine doesn’t contain sulfites, they can use the word “organic” with little regard to whether they’re truly organic. And most consumers don’t actually read the ingredient labels, especially since they’re so illegible, so they merely trust the “organic” label, just a marketing ploy.

When Cameron Diaz found out about these unethical practices, she was naturally incensed. And that’s what set her off on her mission. She toured the most ethical and organic vineyards in Europe to learn about organic wine-making, which uses biodiversity instead of chemicals to ensure naturalness. Using biodiversity may be more unpredictable and costly, but it keeps the wine clean.

After learning about organic wine production, Cameron Diaz and her friend Katherine Power produced Avaline, lovingly dubbed Cameron Diaz Wine.

Avaline is a truly organic and vegan wine, free from all unnecessary chemical additives. And it’s not filtered through fish bladder, egg whites, or other animal byproducts to keep things 100% vegan. As such, Cameron Diaz Wine is truly different — it’s here to set off a revolution in the wine industry while letting you sip on sparkling wine guilt-free.

If you’re interested in organic living and wine consumption, it’s time to grab a bottle of organic Cameron Diaz Wine and some wine glasses. Invite your friends over for a truly organic experience — it’s always time for sparkling wine!

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