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The official trailer for Cameron Boyce's highly-anticipated final film is here. Celebrate the 'Jessie' actor by watching his final performance.

Can we see ‘Jessie”s Cameron Boyce after his tragic death?

We all loved and were captivated by Cameron Boyce thanks to his hilarious & adorable role on the Disney Channel TV series Jessie. The young actor’s passing was one that shocked the world back in 2019, and devastated his friends, family, and all of his loving fans that had supported him endlessly throughout his career. It goes without saying that Cameron Boyce was a phenomenal actor who was as amazing off-screen as he was on it. 

While we may all remember Cameron Boyce most fondly from his lovable character in the Jessie TV series, it seems like we will be able to actually see more of the late celebrity in an upcoming drama movie, which is an indie flick titled Runt. Runt will serve as the actor’s final performance, and fans of the talented actor are as excited as ever to see him back on the screen. What will the film be about? Let’s take a look at all the details here. 

All about the upcoming movie

If you loved seeing Cameron Boyce in the Jessie TV show, then we suggest you catch him in the theaters starting October 1st when his film Runt comes out. If not, you can also have the option to get the indie drama on demand starting October 19th. The film, which was directed and co-written by filmmaker William Coakley, revolved around a group of misguided and misfit high school seniors and stars the late actor as the lead. 

In the drama film, the neglected teenagers end up falling into a cycle of violence due to the bad influence from the adults in their lives. Cameron Boyce stars in the movie as a teen named Cal who starts out as a violent bully dealing with lots of internal struggles and emotional pains. Just recently, a trailer for the movie was dropped which gave fans a deeper look at what the film was going to be about, and it looks absolutely amazing. 

The star’s father Victor Boyce expressed: “The depth of his character is going to surprise people because most of the characters he played, I mean let’s be honest, they’re comedic and not necessarily deep. And this character is absolutely deep, multifaceted, cerebral, unpredictable. His fans will see a side of him that they’ve never seen, and they’ll see acting ability that they haven’t seen with him. This is something on another level”.

Cameron Boyce’s parents speak out

Both Libby and Victor Boyce, the parents of Cameron Boyce, expressed that the role their son plays in Runt is going to be very different from the lighthearted character he played on the Jessie TV show. The couple expressed that it still is a “painful” experience to see their son on the big screen, but it is also great to remember all the hard work that Cameron Boyce put into his acting career. The two felt that this was a blessing for them. 

Victor Boyce reflected that “Runt is a mixed blessing for us. When we see Cameron animated and moving around in these projects, it’s hard to watch, but we’re also proud at the same time. Overall we’re glad to see it finally being released. He worked really hard on it, and he was very committed in his acting in this role and trying to show a different side to his acting chops”.

Libby Boyce also recalled that her son took his very first role outside of Disney incredibly seriously, and added that he even distanced himself from his family “because in his role he didn’t get along with his mother and he didn’t have any parental guidance. . . So he took it very seriously and it shows in the film, but it’s incredibly challenging for us to watch it”.

Libby Boyce added that “He worked till 4 in the morning, he worked his butt off, he did a lot of research and put so much thought into his character, and we saw it. So now to see it and to know that he’s not here to see the results, and to be the spokesman in a way for the movie, it’s horrible. For that, we’re extremely regretful and extremely emotional about it. We don’t want his work not to get out there, but it’s just very painful”.

Victor Boyce shared: “He really immersed himself in this character to the point where I had never seen before. I had seen everything he did since he was a baby till he passed. And this was something far outside of what he normally did. He was determined and dedicated and immersed in this character, to the point where we couldn’t even really approach him during that time. He put it all out there”.

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