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The latest meme? Everything is a cake. Everyone's now got the idea that everything is cake. Let's take a look at the best cake memes.

Don’t panic, but we have an idea the person sitting near you may be cake

Meme culture is a fast paced machine which cannot be stopped – especially with everyone stuck at home with nothing better to do than make silly jokes and snort at the ones other people have created. Let us help you catch up on the latest trend.

The latest meme? Everything is a cake. Some may accidentally think this joke is related to “the cake is a lie” meme, but those people would be wrong. Their energies are the exact opposite. While “the cake is a lie” comes from the videogame Portal, where players are disappointed to find out the sweet treat they were promised is, well, a lie – everything is cake comes from real life.

Everything is cake took off earlier this month when one of Buzzfeed’s offshoot brands shared a compilation video of hyper realistic cakes, which look like other foods, real objects, and sometimes people. Each time the item is sliced into viewers feel oddly disconcerted to see innocuous cake and icing. It’s an unexpectedly surreal feeling.

The start of it all

From toilet paper rolls to aloe vera plants, every time – even despite the tweet’s caption – you expect to see a bisected toilet paper roll or dirt & roots, but are instead met with layered cake, jelly, and/or frosting.

Since this video went viral the internet has run wild with the concept of everything being cake. Two of the top tweets replying to this video have the exchange, “You try to call for help, but the phone is a cake.” “Help arrives, but they are also cake.”

Since then other cakes decorated to look like shockingly realistic objects or foods have been circulating, as have a number of memes querying whether or not everything is just a cake masquerading as something else. It’s enough to make the world feel very surreal if you go too far into the rabbit hole.

The world is a cake

All is cake. The world, you, me – it’s all just cake.

Rainbow surprise

Don’t look now, but your friend is cake too.

A new take on a classic

Somehow the Julius Caesar memes never get old.

A reverse

We honestly can’t decide if this is better or worse than the original.

Prove it

You’re right Josh, you aren’t cake, you’re the one exception –  you’re clearly a sandwich based on your username.

Existential crisis

Wh-what if . . . no it can’t be true. Can it?

Not a bot & not a cake

We’ve been so worried about bots that we forgot to check if anyone was cake!

Conspiracy abounds

Cake surgery sounds a lot more fun if we’re honest.

Not working

Aw, looks like Mike didn’t get the super special secret power everyone else was gifted by the universe as an apology for 2020 being hot garbage.

Honestly, we just feel bad for anyone who has the misfortune of seeing any of the “everything is cake” memes while they’re high.

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