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TikTok star Bryce Hall is at war with Los Angeles after his many parties despite COVID-19 lockdown. Here's what we know.

Why is the partying TikTok star Bryce Hall at war with Los Angeles?

Flatten the curve. You’ve heard the phrase ad nauseum at this point. We all just want to avoid a massive spike in COVID-19 cases so that hospitals don’t become overwhelmed while we all wait for a safe & tested vaccine. This means avoiding large groups, only going out of your home when necessary, and remaining socially distant while wearing masks when you do go in public.

However, influencers, celebrities, and other “elites” have apparently deemed this plea from health officials & temporary laws as beneath them. There have been countless social media posts from celebs and influencers showing off their parties, travels, and public gatherings. This, of course, is incredibly frustrating to people who would very much like to see the staggeringly high number of U.S. cases drop.

One of the influencers who has posted images & videos online of throwing massive house parties is TikTok star by the name of Bryce Hall. The city of Los Angeles has threatened that if large gatherings persist, then actions would be taken against those people. The actions he threatened were shutting of power and/or water.

Bryce Hall’s parties

Apparently the TikTok influencer, Hall, didn’t take Mayor Eric Garcetti’s threats seriously. After the public warnings Hall posted proof of yet another large gathering in his home showing dozens and dozens of people milling about in his living room – none wearing masks. The response? The city of Los Angeles shut off the power to his home.

At first, Hall went on TikTok to make light of the situation (we swear, that pun is not intended) and bopped around in the unlit home with one of his housemates. However, later he publicly apologized for the birthday party which had gotten his power shut off, saying he shouldn’t have done it.

Bryce Hall really shouldn’t have done it though, because he’s currently on bail – which could now be revoked by Texas state for “engaging in illegal or immoral activities”. Back in spring of this year Hall had been arrested for drug-related charges in the Lone Star State, but later released on bail.

Positive responses

There have been mixed reactions to the news Hall’s power was shut off. Some were thrilled to see someone actually face the consequences of their actions, especially when those actions could spread a virus we don’t have a vaccine for yet.

People were also unconcerned for Bryce Hall since he has the “means” to cope with not having power. Implying that since he’s rich he can more than afford to deal with the temporary inconvenience in some way.


Negative responses

Other people weren’t so quick to praise the city of Los Angeles for the way they handled the situation or the punishment. While they acknowledge that actions should be taken, the one chosen was perhaps a poor idea.

For starters, those who don’t agree with what happened pointed out that L.A. turned off the power during an intense Californian heatwave, leaving Hall and his housemates without a way to cool off their home in dangerous heat.

Other people, including Joe Rogan, have voiced concerns about the type of punishment chosen. Why not a fine or an arrest?

Joe Rogan’s response

Rogan expresses concern about a possible abuse of power and that this is a “slippery slope” to be on. He also asks “who the f*ck are they to tell you can’t [sic] have a party?” He also says it shouldn’t have come down to these kinds of rules to begin with, but the pandemic was extremely mishandled.

Rogan is known for having disdain toward Los Angeles, and is one of many celebrities who have left during the pandemic. Rogan cites his reason for leaving as being a concern for the political atmosphere of the state.

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