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Britt Reid's young crash victim, Ariel Young, has permanent brain damages. Learn why he should be charged for the accident.

Is Britt Reid going to jail for causing brain damage in his crash victim?

Britt Reid, the assistant coach for the Kansas City Chiefs & son of head coach Andy Reid, caused a car crash on Feb. 4 where his truck slammed into two vehicles on the side of a high exit ramp near Chief’s training complex. One of the victims of the crash, 5-year-old Ariel Young, spent a week in a coma. Now, her family is revealing the extent of her injuries.

Following the crash, Britt Reid was placed on administrative leave. After that, the team decided not to renew his contract for the following year. Despite Reid admitting to having “two or three drinks” along with his prescribed Adderall before the crash, no charges have been filed. An attorney for Ariel Young & her family, however, wishes to change that and have Britt Reid face consequences for his actions.

Here’s what we know.

Permanent brain damage

Ariel Young will be permanently affected the rest of her life by the car crash that Britt Reid caused. In a broadcast with Good Morning America, Tom Porto, the attorney for the Young family, said, “She likely has permanent brain damage that she will endure for the rest of her life. She’s not walking — it’s a sad, sad, sad story.” He added that Reid should face charges for the crash.

Porto said, “This wasn’t a fender-bender. This was a serious, life-altering event.” Porto said that Young is still hospitalized. In addition to not being able to walk, the little girl currently cannot speak as well. She’ll likely require a lot of therapy in order to help her recover. If at all. So, yeah, that’s not just a little fender-bender that Britt Reid is at fault for. A little girl’s life has radically changed forever.

The family is currently collecting donations via GoFundMe. 

What could Britt Reid be charged with?

We’re still waiting for toxicology results. If charges are filed against Britt Reid, then we can probably expect a DUI amongst the charges. Should police decide that he was being negligent in his conduct, he could be charged for vehicular offenses as well. The laws tend to differ from place to place. So it comes down to Kansas City to come up with the charges for what happens to Reid next.

In addition to any criminal charges, Britt Reid will more than likely be liable for civil suits from the two cars involved in the accident. According to Kansas City police officer David Jackson to USA Today Sports, one car was bringing another more gas. It injured three people, including another child, who is four. The GoFundMe for Ariel Young has surpassed $485,000 USD, but, as many people know, hospital bills aren’t cheap.

Add in therapy and continued care? Someone needs to pay for this. It shouldn’t just be on her family. Britt Reid also needs to be held to account for his actions. In addition to whatever the police are doing, the NFL is investigating the crash as well. A spokesperson said, “We will continue to monitor developments and when law enforcement has completed its review, we will address this matter and take any appropriate action.”

Anything else? 

Currently, it’s just a wait-and-see to see what happens next in the Britt Reid car crash case. He does have a record though, so that will also probably be taken into account going forward. Reid has been cited for careless driving & driving under the influence prior to this and has been caught with drugs in the past. Honestly, he probably should have lost his license years ago

Do you think Britt Reid should be criminally charged? Let us know in the comments.

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  • the COPS are surely not dealing in a fast timeline which they should be. Once again in USA money Andy Reid has millions. The Hunt family has billions. It is always about the money. After his past criminal history I hope he gets absolute max.

    March 11, 2021

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