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Is there a chance that the bodyguard to assaulted Britney will find some time in the court room? Take a look now!

Will Britney Spears successfully send a bodyguard to jail for assault?

What exactly is it like to be a pop princess navigating the paparazzi, fame, and an unexpected altercation? Welcome to the world of Britney Spears. Recently, Spears, now 41 and the pulsating heart of hit classics like “Toxic,” gave an insider scoop into a squabble that took place in Las Vegas with Victor Wembanyama’s security detail, raising questions about star safety and treatment.

Last Tuesday, the diva put on her gladiator boots to confront comments made on an elusive radio show. The hosts implied she “had it coming” during the incident, arguing that the security was merely “shielding their client.” Spears took to Instagram, typically her sanctuary for sharing her life’s joys and quirks, to share her side of the story. She revealed her surprise at the harsh accusations that were bandied about on the radio waves.

So is there any reason to believe an assault charge is in order? Let’s take a look.

Her side

Having brushed shoulders with the likes of *NSYNC at their prime, Spears is no stranger to the chaotic whirlwind that fame can bring. She described an episode where she was jostled by a trio of tween fans desperate to get a snapshot with the star before a concert. 

Yet her security team never laid a hand on them, she pointed out, echoing the sentiment that she did not “deserve to be hit,” because, in her words, “no woman ever deserves to be hit.”

Bringing back the memories of that fateful night, Spears narrated the incident from her perspective in her Instagram video. In her recount, she mentioned tapping Wembanyama on the back only to be backhanded, hit in the face, and falling to the floor. But thanks to her best friend, she managed to regain her composure.

After TMZ broke the news with a video of the incident, and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) declared that no charges would be brought against anyone involved, Wembanyama expressed his wish to put the incident behind him and concentrate on his basketball career.

 While he’s kept mum on the public apology front, Spears revealed receiving a private apology shortly after the incident. However, she’s still waiting for that elusive public acknowledgment.

The backstory

Following her initial post about the incident, Spears took to Instagram again to provide some insight into her journey in the entertainment world. Reminiscing about her time with world-renowned stars, including *NSYNC, she asserted that no security guard she’s encountered has ever resorted to physical aggression against anyone. 

The Vegas experience, she admits, is a raw testament to the helpless situations she often finds herself in due to her celebrity status.

Even amidst the tumultuous episode, Spears praised those who rallied around her, noting their support made her feel validated and significant. As the dust settled, she remained a stalwart fan of Wembanyama, firmly stating, “It’s not his fault his security hit me… s— happens !!!”

The incident, which occurred on the eve of July 5, prompted Spears to file a police report claiming she was struck by one of Wembanyama’s security guards. The LVMPD subsequently concluded its investigation, asserting no charges would be filed. 

Video surveillance from the ARIA hotel presented a narrative where the security guard pushed Spears’ hand away with enough force that it hit her face and knocked her sunglasses off. Does that feel like an assault to you? Is that an assault in the eyes of the law?

The bottom line

With such a raw glimpse into Britney’s world, we can’t help but wonder – where does the line lie between a star’s safety and overzealous security? As fans and spectators, do we bear any responsibility for the pressure that fame can bring? And, most importantly, will Britney ever find peace in the paparazzi-filled world of stardom?

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