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Do you need air conditioning? Find out how whether the Breeze Max AC unit is right for you with these reviews.

Breeze Maxx Reviews – Breeze Maxx Air Cooler – Where to Buy

Breeze Maxx is a portable air cooling device that has shown incredible performance in cooling rooms, personal space, or office. It also enhances indoor air quality by maintaining sub-arctic air circulating around its users.

With temperatures rising in many parts of the world, it’s no wonder that our summers are even more sweltering than before. We may do a lot to keep cool, wearing loose and airy clothing, showering, swimming, and consuming iced drinks throughout the day. However, there’s no denying that sometimes we just need to cool our space with an air conditioner. 

About Breeze Maxx

In a nutshell, Breeze Maxx is a kind of air cooler that we can purchase online. The buying platform it currently uses is the company’s own official website. This unit is for cooling the air, moving it about, and also making it cleaner. When it’s been running for just a short time, Breeze Maxx can create some very low temperatures right within our home even in the middle of a scorching summer. 

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For now, the pricing of Breeze Maxx starts at $90 for one unit. In addition to this reasonable price, this item is also very easy to operate; we can turn it on, set it to the required temperature, and forget about it while getting on with our day.

What is Breeze Maxx Used For?

It’s important to remember here that Breeze Maxx is not designed for cooling a whole home at once. It’s more for cooling small spaces like dorm rooms, offices, bedrooms, studies, etc. Most reviews report that Breeze Maxx can make a room around ten degrees below what they would be otherwise. 

How Breeze Maxx Works

While Breeze Maxx is currently touted as being an air cooler, it also has other settings that we can use. These include a system that cleans the air, a fan, or a humidifier. Depending on  our needs, this versatility is a great boon in an AC unit. 

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The Breeze Maxx Systems

There are two systems within Breeze Maxx that can help to cool the air. These are a water compartment and a water curtain. The water compartment or tank is filled with water by the unit’s owner. From there on, the moisture will automatically spread into the air when we turn the unit on. In this way, Breeze Maxx acts like a humidifier. 

How Does Breeze Maxx Filter Air?

Many of us might have thought about buying an air fuller at some point, but purchasing the Breeze Maxx might be a more practical option. Along with cooling down a room, a Breeze Maxx unit will also be able to filter out impurities from the air. 

Why Should We Use Breeze Maxx?

We’ve already discussed the Breeze Maxx units in some details, so several of their advantages should be obvious. However, it could be a great help to look at all the benefits of this investment in one place. With this exercise, we’d hopefully be able to make up our mind on whether we want or need this item: 

  •  The lightweight designs makes it easily portable from one room to the next
  • By pushing the Breeze Maxx unit to the room where we need cooling, we save a lot of money. This way, there’s not much need for a full-fledged air conditioning system. 
  • A versatile design that can change into a humidifier, air cleaner, fan, etc. 
  • Add humidity to the air instead of drying it out; the moisture is better for our skin and health
  • The Breeze Maxx units are fairly easy to use, even if they’re not very tech-savvy. There’s no need to call a technician or have any DIY knowledge. All we have to do is put in the plug after filling the water tank and switch the unit on. If we don’t want more humidity in the air, we can skip the water filling step.
  • The filter inside Breeze Maxx can trap dust and other forms of allergens. This means that it makes the air cleaner and safer to breathe. It’s especially good news for people with allergies or very young children. 
  • The unique design of the Breeze Maxx units makes it different from basic cooling systems or traditional AC systems. Overall, we may expect more humid air that’s also cleaner and cooler. 
  • These units are surprisingly compact and will fit on top of a desk. Potential users don’t have to worry about making a lot of space for this addition. 

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How to Fill the Water Tank in Breeze Maxx

It’s a pretty straightforward task to fill up the water tank in Breeze Maxx units. Let’s have a look at the simple steps now:

  • Make sure the unit is unplugged
  • Pull the water tank up on its right side
  • Open the tank’s lid
  • Fill the tank with clean water
  • Cover the tank again, and make sure the lid is screwed on tight
  • Push down the tank to complete the process and align the tank with the unit

Replacing the Water Absorption Curtain

There’s a water absorption curtain that helps to cool down the air and make it more humid. The curtain works by soaking up water, increasing the cooling capability of the unit. Here are the steps for replacing the curtain when required: 

  • Unplug the unit and open the cover on top
  • Take off the water absorption curtain
  • Soak the water absorption curtain, then put it back in the unit
  • Put the cover back on

Technical Specifications for Breeze Maxx

There’s an owner’s manual included in every package for the Breeze Maxx units. This makes it fairly easy to check the technical specifications for this system. Let’s have a look at some of them now: 

  • Materials: ABS / SilicaGel
  • Input: 5V
  • Capacity of Water Tank: 380mL
  • 3 Motor Speeds: 2,200rpm (low), 3,100rpm (middle), and 3,600rpm (high)
  • Working Current: 0.2A to 1.0A
  • Item Dimensions: 6.69×5.98×6.18”
  • Weight: 776g
  • Wattage: 1W to 5W
  • Parts included: Main body, water absorption curtain, USB charging cable, and instruction manual

Breeze Maxx Customer Reviews

Many people have made use of Breeze Maxx units up to this point, and most of the reviews are quite positive. For instance, several reviewers report that the Breeze Maxx system is really able to keep a home comfortably cool without the abysmal cost of running a regular AC all day long. 

Finally, the reviews and feedback also tell us that the water tank lasts for around 6 hours. Even if the water runs out, the unit will keep pushing air through the water curtain and giving a cooling effect. 

Pricing of Breeze Maxx – Where to Buy Breeze Maxx

While the prices of Breeze Maxx start at $90 per unit, this is only for when we’re ordering one piece. If we purchase multiple units at a time, the price drops.  Here’s the breakdown: 

There’s also the option to add an extended warranty for all units by paying an additional $18 per piece. With this, we get a three year extended warranty that covers manufacturer defects. 

Even without the additional payment, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee for Breeze Maxx customers. If we’re not completely satisfied, we can ask for a refund during that time. The company information is available online. In case of any questions, you can reach out to the support team of Breeze Maxx here: and phone: 1-877-821-0177

Breeze Maxx Reviews – Does it Really Work?

There seems to be a lot going to this air cooling unit called Breeze Maxx, so we can’t help but be tempted by the offering. If we can cut down on our energy costs, especially in the summer, it’ll be better for both the environment and our pocket. Since there’s even a refund policy in place, we’re not really risking much. The official website is the most reliable platform to place an order for these amazing units, so let’s head on over there before the stock runs low. 

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