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We are living in the COVID age, everyone. Here are all the hilarious reactions from Boris Johnson and his latest briefing discussing new COVID-19 rules.

The COVID age: Memes mocking Boris Johnson’s new UK rules

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not had the smoothest run. With COVID-19 running rampant in the streets, it’s hard to keep track of all the new rules. During the first briefings, Brits everywhere were bewildered by the guidelines. 

Lockdown rules were eased when it appeared the R number decreased to below one. However, due to the easing of rules, it’s causing a dramatic rise in cases. #Lockdown2 is upon us and Brits everywhere are fuming. From Monday, it will be illegal to meet in groups larger than six. 

We are living in the COVID age, everyone. Here are all the hilarious reactions from Boris Johnson’s latest briefing discussing new COVID-19 rules.

Why is six afraid of seven?

Now, no more than a group of six can meet up. What does this mean for our pub crawls? One of your friends will have to stay home – or else Boris will get you!

Boris Johnson, you dirty minx

With all these new and confusing rules everyone is utterly bewildered. It appears Boris Johnson is thriving on the chaos and we are deeply disturbed by that imagery.

Maybe a plan C is needed?

The Inbetweeners is a classic British comedy. This is everyone’s reaction to Lockdown 2 summed up in a single video clip.

Forever locked down

The first lockdown has felt like it’s never ending. Many Brits decided to stay in until coronavirus was under control. Looks like those reunion parties will just have to wait.

Go to your room!

Eat out to help out! That’s what we were told. Looks like we’re back to getting our food delivered.

Science is fun 

The periodic table has never been so hilarious. Boris Johnson in an interview and it looks like he is standing in the perfect place for the UK to send him a subliminal message. 

School children are safe?

Stop right there COVID! You may think we’re in a group of more than six, but we’re actually in school. Boris Johnson said it’s okay . . . so it’s okay.

COVID marshals

Look out, it’s the virus patrol. Even swans are in on the action. Wear your mask or we shall release the swans. 

What do you think about Boris Johnson’s proposed #Lockdown2?

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