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Online slots come with tons of different bonuses. Here are some tips on how to secure awesome bonuses.

How to Get Bonuses for Online Slots

Almost all casinos give out bonuses to players that have played multiple games or have deposited a certain amount of cash in exchange for casino chips and coins. While land-based casinos would usually give bonuses every once in a while, online casinos actually give much more bonuses where players would often receive them every day. It is not difficult to get bonuses in online casinos, especially the ones that can be used for online slots, but players would need to be knowledgeable on how and where to get these bonuses. Here are some basic tips on how and where to get bonuses for online slots.

Creating an Account

The simplest and easiest way for new players to get bonuses for online slots is to create an account on an online casino website. First, you would need to find a trusted online casino, which can be done by researching for the best online casinos on the internet or by following recommendations from your casino-going friends and family members.

When searching for a casino to play at, be sure to find one with a no deposit bonus. This is an offer you get for simply signing up and as the name implies, no deposit is required to get the bonus. Once you have logged in to the online casino website, you will be given bonus that is provided to new players in an online casino who use a certain link or bonus code. The sign-up bonus is typically smaller than other types of bonuses but can still be fun. A great example would be this drake casino no deposit bonus

Logging In to Your Account

Besides creating an account, logging in to your account daily would give you bonuses as well. The bonuses you get from logging in to your account are called daily log-in bonuses, which can usually be progressive to give you more bonuses if you log in constantly.

For example, you may be given one coin on the first day of the log-in, but after seven days of constant log-ins, you may be given seven coins in just one day. The daily log-in bonus gives you an incentive for playing every day, and you can still get the bonus even if you just log-in to your account without playing. So, if you are busy with work or any other task, just try to log-in to your online casino account each day to get the daily log-in bonus.

Depositing to Your Digital Wallet

Depositing money to your digital wallet is a common way to get bonuses, as most online casinos offer a “deposit bonus” that is given right after a player tops up his or her digital wallet. The number of deposit bonuses you will get will depend on how much you deposit to your wallet. So, if you have deposited $10 dollars into your account, the deposit bonus you get is $2, which is 20% of what you deposited.

Most trusted online casino websites, such as Diamond Reels Casino, have a 200% deposit bonus, but there are some that may have a higher or lower deposit bonus. Be on the lookout for great online casinos with high deposit bonuses to get extra rounds or games on the website.

Playing Casino Games

Another simple way that you can get bonuses is just by playing some games on the online casino. By playing constantly, you may be rewarded with a “cashback bonus,” which is a type of bonus that allows you to get back some of the money you’ve lost in games. Use these cashback bonuses whenever you are on a losing streak so that you will still be able to get some money back during losses.

Cashback bonuses would usually give you 20% of the money you’ve lost, but there are special bonuses given that sometimes give back even more money. You can keep track of those special bonuses by signing up for the online casino’s mailing list. Unfortunately, these cashback bonuses usually have expiration dates, so do remember to use them regularly so that their value won’t be wasted.

Being a Loyal Player

If you have stuck to playing only on one online casino website, such as Winaday Casino, then there is a high chance that you will be offered to apply for a loyalty program for that website. The loyalty program usually gives you more bonuses by logging in daily, playing more games, or depositing money frequently. Some of the loyalty rewards would even come as a raffle ticket to win bigger prizes. The only way for you to be a member of the loyalty program is to just constantly play games in one online casino, which is not a difficult thing to do if you enjoy that specific casino.

These are simple tips on how to get bonuses for online slots, and by using them, you will see that getting bonuses is actually quite easy. Just try to play with these tips in mind and you can be rewarded with bonuses even if you didn’t intend to get them.

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