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Boca Garage Boys is a new wrestling program run by Sean Kirtz. Learn more about Kirtz and the wrestling program here.

Boca Garage Boys

Successful entrepreneur, Sean Kirtz, has started his next venture providing wrestling lessons to aspiring wrestlers. Sean calls this venture the Boca Garage Boys. Sean Kirtz has been inspired by the popular martial arts show, Cobra Kai, and started his own wrestling dojo in his garage. Kids as young as ages 5-12 can learn how to wrestle in Boca Raton, Florida with the Boca Garage Boys. He has partnered with the Palm Beach County High School Coach of the year to teach wrestling to anyone who wants to learn

If anyone is interested in learning from the Palm Beach County High School Coach of the year, they should sign up for lessons. The Boca Garage Boys is another way for successful entrepreneur, Sean Kirtz, to give back to his community and help the children. This is also a way for Sean to help his two wrestling star sons, Leonardo Kirtz and Sean Kirtz Jr, in their own wrestling journeys.

Sean has a track record of starting successful businesses and entrepreneurial ventures like his moving business, Mega Van Lines, and his Conscious Collective, a gathering of the most successful entrepreneurs and spiritual leaders in the area. One of Sean’s many talents and hobbies is wrestling, a sport he first got involved in when he was young.

His involvement with wrestling helped him build his character, taught him how to overcome obstacles, handle his emotions, respect authority, teamwork, and learn that success has to be earned through hard work. These are all life skills that provide numerous benefits in life, your career, and achieving personal goals.

Sean looks forward to teaching these life skills in addition to wrestling techniques to the Boca Garage Boys’ students. These life skills are why parents should sign their kids up at this wrestling dojo, so that their precious little ones can learn these life skills that are necessary in life no matter what their children end up doing in life in terms of career, hobbies, and relationships.

Especially when your children are learning these life skills and wrestling techniques from the Palm Beach County High School Coach of the year. As your children improve in their wrestling techniques, their confidence will rise and they will be able to wrestle more challenging opponents under the guidance and expertise of a successful wrestling coach.

Your sons and daughters will be trained to compete against their fellow students and other wrestling teams in the area. Techniques taught include take-downs, escaping techniques, arm drags, etc. Whether your child is looking for a new hobby or is inspired by professional WWE wrestlers like John Cena, the Boca Garage Boys can help your child figure out what they want out of wrestling.

Not to mention this will provide good socializing time for your children so that they get a break from spending time on their phones or screens. Other benefits include physical fitness as the students of this dojo will improve their physical fitness which has numerous health benefits such as reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, stronger bones, etc.

Go ahead and call the Boca Garage Boys at 561-660-0905 in order to sign your child up for wrestling lessons today. Your child will make new friends, develop their physical fitness, and learn numerous life skills that will serve them throughout the rest of their life in whatever goals and challenges they seek to pursue.

The Boca Garage Boys will help your child with their own wrestling journey whether they are just starting it or have done it before. Plus your child will learn to appreciate physical fitness and the benefits that it will provide in their lives such as increased strength and stamina.

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