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You’ll die laughing at these painfully relatable birthday quarantine memes. Read at your own risk and have a happy birthday!

Celebrating your birthday in quarantine? These memes are our gift

Originally only Aries & Tauri were robbed of their birthdays once quarantine hit, but now it’s looking like everyone is out of luck this year. If you’re one of the many who’ve lost their opportunity to make a single twenty-four hours in 2020 all about you, you’ll die laughing at these birthday quarantine memes. Read at your own risk! 

To sit in solemn silence

This is us in quarantine even when it’s not our birthday . . .

An aesthetic reminder 

For a fun birthday quarantine game: try shots of Germ-X. 💕

Quarantine has entered the chat

Maybe what we deserved all along was a back hug from the quarantine monster.

Baby Yoda: Certified Party Animal

Cue: Aaron’s Party, but the vinyl edition.

Get her, Regina!

Try again in 2021, loser.

We need to talk about Aries

Moving forward, we need to make sure all the Aries who had to give up their birthdays this year are taken care of next year. 😬

When the cat is the DD

Are we just drunk, or is that cat talking to us?

The cake can also be . . . a pillow

It’s gotten to the point in lockdown where you have no choice but to test out different foods as furniture. Make this a viral TikTok challenge or whatever the kids are doing these days.

All the cool kids are having solo parties this year

Maybe a birthday in 2020 is just an excuse for some self-care. Really take some time to get to know you!

A conspiracy in the making

Big idea: quarantine was just a government conspiracy to get introverts to yearn for public attention – and extroverts to sit with themselves for a minute and ask, “Why?” 😩

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