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The best and worst TikTok challenges ever

TikTok can be a very strange place scrolling from skincare routines to weird challenges! Besides, the content that the algorithm shows you is entirely different to the one that appears to your friends, no matter how similar they are to you. The machine learning algorithmic tool TikTok has implemented makes it equally satisfying and perturbing to get such precise content. 

Let’s face it, we’ll eventually be dominated by technology! However, not everything is that bad, sometimes we can get quite entertaining contents to watch and an accurate algorithm selection to enjoy. The same thing happens when it comes to TikTok challenges, maybe you’ve never watched any of the ones portrayed in this article and that’s completely normal! 

However, when something gets viral it’s hard to escape from it, and TikTok is the current social network to viralize things. Remember that  delicious whipped coffee that we all tried back in 2020 when the pandemic took all our outdoor distractions from us? Some so-called challenges are simple recipes to recreate at home, or even lip syncs. The interesting thing is that we end up recreating them! 

The Don’t Rush Challenge

As of today this challenge has gone further to 1.2 billion views. This challenge consists of doing your makeup fast-forward. It’s quite simple to do it, if you wear makeup you should totally try it! remember that in order to grow your numbers in this network trends & challenges as well as using certain music is a must. Does it happen to you that you know songs you’ve never listened to outside of TikTok

If you want to do this challenge, all you need to participate is to film yourself putting makeup on in real-time. Then comes the fun part by playing the footage back in fast motion since we’ll be able to see the changes. The results can vary depending on the level of makeup you use, if you like makeup or consider yourself an artist in the matter this is something you should try. 

Not only are we going to see the results but also the invested time, which changes if you’re in a hurry. Remember to use the hashtags #fyp and #Don’t Rush Challenge, also, before doing it you can get inspiration from other videos. 

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Face wax challenge 

If you’re going to spend time, money and pain waxing, make sure that it comes from a place of personal desire. Yet, if you’re already going to go through all that, filming it and making a TikTok can be a comforting way to inhabit that experience. The interesting thing about this challenge is that it’s mostly done by men, the truth is women are more used to this practice since it’s an imposition. 

Nonetheless, people that have gone through this challenge report it to be strangely satisfying further than painful. But this changes of course depending on the particular facial point that it’s getting stimulated, since the challenge consists in covering the entire face in wax and then ripping it off. This can be the best challenge if you enjoy the feeling and the worst if you don’t ouch!

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Cat skin care

Speaking of TikTok providing diverse and weird  content, well, there’s a challenge but only for people that have bald cats.  To follow the line of skincare, you should know that us humans are not the only ones to need to attend that aspect of our lives. Bald Egyptian cats have the necessary amount of grease on their skin to produce black heads and as you can imagine, they can be cleaned up too! 

ava majury

The Silhouette Challenge

Finally, not everything is pumping at cat pimples and waxing, there are other TikTok challenges to make us enter into a creative mood. This challenge is a great excuse to brag about your figure and consists of a red light filter that can be used ideally to frame a door. The challenge ends with transitioning into “Streets” by Doja Cat so that’s the general mood we’re looking for. 

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