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Whether you're moving or need to stash your stuff during a home renovation, self-storage is the way to go for millions of people. Make the most out of it.

What to look for in a self-storage facility

One of the most challenging tasks that homeowners face is to make the best use of the home space as the number of household goods keeps increasing with time. As people seek a more comfortable living, they keep adding more equipment, accessories, furniture, and other items. It often results in clustering of homes. The yearning for convenient and comfortable living drive people toward adding more items to the house. However, there comes a time when accommodating all items becomes quite challenging. 

Unfortunately, people are too busy to take stock of the inventory and discard items they would either never use again or rarely use. But when the cluttering becomes unbearable and prevents the inward flow of new things, homeowners start reviewing the inventory. They identify some less used items and send them to some self storage like One Stop Self Storage to free up some space at home.

Self storage during a home renovation

When undertaking a big home renovation project like remodeling your home, you must vacate the house and hand it over to the contractor who can work freely and complete the work faster. While you would move out to a rented apartment in a hurry, the size of the apartment might not allow taking all your household goods along with you. Moreover, renting a larger accommodation will cost you more money and renting a smaller one would be a good idea. But to ensure the safekeeping of the household goods that you cannot carry with you, you can hire some self storage services that provide the perfect solution.

Here are the aspects to consider when hiring self storage units.

Size of the units

Some bigger items like cupboards or large cabinets are usually stored on the racks. To store the smaller things, you need to determine the size of the storage unit right for you. To store all bedroom items in one place, you would need a storage space measuring 10 ft x 10 ft, while larger units of 5 ft x 20 ft are like walk-in closets that can accommodate various items of assorted sizes. To fit the items of 3 bedrooms, you will need a storage unit of 10ft x 20 ft.  Making a list of items and their respective sizes that you want to end to the self-storage facility will help hire the unit’s right size. 

Safety and security

The storage facility must have adequate safety and security arrangements and maintain the right climate inside the store to prevent the goods from any damage during storage. The climate inside must be dry, and the place must be free from any pest infestation. There must be proper security systems like CCTV cameras, fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc. 

Easy access 

The store must ensure easy access to the storage units by the clients round the clock and should even have different options to access the storage facility.  Elevators and drive in facilities are some of the options that clients would prefer. 

Check the insurance coverage provided by the store management and choose some flexible payment options.

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