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If you’re missing the thrill of basketball, we got you covered. Try out these online games of basketball and see what suits you best.

All the best basketball games to play online this quarantine

With everything shut down right now, it’s a hell of a lot harder to get a group together for a game of pick-up basketball at the park. It’s no fun playing a game with less than five people anyway. It’s time to go digital and find some online games of basketball.

But then, you got to decide what kind of basketball game you want. Do you want one that’s in the style of those arcade machines? An actual basketball game? Something that’s a bit of a parody? Basketball is hard to play digitally, so there’s a variety of games for all types of players. 

If you’re missing the thrill of basketball, we got you covered. Try out these online games of basketball and see what suits you best. We picked a few different types out for you so you can decide what kind of game you can master. 

Street Basketball (Nintendo Switch)

A more cartoony basketball console game, Street Basketball offers 19 different players you can choose from to become king of the courts. Play through a variety of levels to grow your character’s stats and level them up. 

There’s even a local 1v1 multiplayer mode for you and a friend to play together. With two one player modes as well for more casual players or people wanting to top the ranks, Street Basketball offers a great experience for console players. 

Get Goofy: Head Basketball (Mobile)

Imagine is basketball was played only with your head. You got Get Goofy’s version of basketball. Playing against AI players, use your head to get the most baskets. Don’t worry, you can still jump for a slam dunk. 

If you want to make your friend take on this tough challenge, Get Goofy offers online play for all basketball fans. Take on your friends or strangers from across the globe in a variety of challenge modes. 

Basketball Stars (PC)

The poor man’s NBA game, you can make your dream team out of basketball legends of today and past. If you’re stuck inside with a friend, you can take them on in a 2 player game. Otherwise, take down the champs in a one-player game. 

If you really want to be daring, do a quick match where you have to play as a computer-picked team. You can play the game now on

Online Basketball Challenge 3D (Mobile)

A simple shooting game, practice your 3-pointers with this fun mobile game. Practice your skills in single-player mode, or play against your friends to score the most baskets in the time allotted. 

It’s definitely on the more basic side of basketball games, but it’s easy if you don’t want to try and master some complicated online game. Plus, it’s kid-friendly as it’s easy to learn how to shoot. 

NBA 2K (Console, PC)

You can’t talk about basketball games without talking about the NBA 2K series. The hit franchise takes the top players of the NBA and lets you take control. Play out your own dream March Madness bracket to watch your favorite team take the top prize. If winning prizes is your thing, try the games at Gclub Royal1688.

While we obviously could mention NBA 2K20, the latest game in the franchise, we know not everyone has the latest and greatest. So really, any of the NBA 2K games are a good time. Go for NBA 2K19 if you’re on a budget, as the game is fairly similar content-wise.

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