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Finding the right storage spaces can be tough. Here are some great bathroom storage ideas to use in 2021.

7 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathrooms can be the smallest room in the house, which is challenging because we use as much stuff in that little room as we do in any other home area. Still, tons of loos don’t have anywhere to keep towels, toiletries, medications, and all the different items that you would typically find in the water room of your casa.

Here are seven ideas that will help you find room in your small space to make the best of a tight situation. 

Over the door hanging storage.

Have you seen the shoe racks that can hang on a closet door? Some devices do the same thing but hold a heck of a lot more than shoes. Some organizers are for any room, which is great for dorms and bedrooms, and the bathroom.

If you can’t find an organizer that meets your needs, you can always use a canvas or plastic one that is intended for shoes and put things like washcloths, extra shampoo bottles, and organizers in there.

Those of you who are sewing hobbyists could create a door hanger on your own. The back of the bathroom door is a fantastic opportunity for storage but avoid putting wooden shelving there because you want the flexibility to open it widely when needed. 

Tuck it away and organize

Bathrooms tend to have small spaces between the toilet and the sink, which is an opportunity for storage if you can find a suitable vessel. The internet is a great market to find shelving units and other options tucked away in between other more prominent bathroom necessities.

Countertops or sinks are other areas that can get cluttered if there isn’t enough space to keep everything you need in the bathroom. You can find little drawers or acrylic organizing units everywhere. You can find them on the internet, in department stores, and even in the dollar store down the street.

If you take the organization idea and put it into your drawers, you will be amazed at how much room you will find in your tiny bathroom. The more you organize the storage spaces you already have, the less likely you’ll have to add more. Keeping organized has a myriad of benefits

Make the best of the corner.

Do you have an unused corner in your bathroom? Corner shelving units are an excellent way to create storage in a small space, and they fit nicely next to other storage units along the wall. While some people want to put a basket in the corner or a vase with dried flowers, we are here to tell you this is some valuable storage real estate if used correctly.

Depending on the bathroom you have, a single shelving unit that fits in the corner will give guests the impression that your space is much larger than it is. 


There are so many types of shelving you can affix to the wall the options are almost endless. If your bathroom is lacking shelves, then you should add them yourself. If you have a small space but high ceilings, you can add all the shelving you like and keep a lovely step stool available or when you need to grab some toilet paper or kleenex. 

In the tub

When the curtain is closed, no one sees what is in the shower. If you keep a solid curtain, you will have three or four additional walls for storage, especially if you have children and like to have toys in the tub.

Storing items in the tub doesn’t mean to pile it all in, which you likely figured out already. Since the invention of the suction cup, wet areas like showers are accessible for storage ideas.

Some bags hang from the wall, shelves, toys, and even soaps. Suction cups are just one part of it. There are also organizational units that hang from the showerhead and others that suspend from the shower rod. The options are numerous. Just be sure to keep it all off the bottom of the tub, so no one slips. 


Whether you affix them with suction cups, nails, or some other type of adhesive, installing hooks around your bathroom is a great way to add storage. It’s important to remember that hooks aren’t only for towels and robes anymore.

Hooks can be installed in the shower, on the wall, on the back of the bathroom door, or inside a cabinet. If you have things that don’t hang on hooks but more hooks than shelving, a great way to utilize these is to use bags to keep things and hang them on the hook.

Canvas bags, backpacks, mesh bags, you name it; if you have a theme in your bathroom, there is a bag that will go with it. The best thing about hooks is that you can take the bag down, put it back up quickly, and move items around. Clips are one of the most versatile storage ideas. 

Baskets and rolling carts

Baskets are another excellent idea for bathrooms that don’t have enough storage. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so finding a few that fit with your decor should not be an issue. Baskets are easy to move and rearrange if you get bored with the layout. You can also paint them if you decide to go with a new color scheme down the road.

Rolling carts are a fabulous invention that seems to be made specifically for the bathroom. They typically come in various shapes, sizes, and heights, so there is no telling what nooks and crannies you may be able to fit one into.

Since they are on wheels, they are easy to move in and out of the bathroom, which is a blessing when washing the floor. When you compare the ease of a rolling cart with a heavier wooden unit that would need two people to move, it’s easy to see which would go best in small spaces like a bathroom. 


We spend time in the bathroom, and there are quite a few essential items to complete the business at hand. Yet, bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in the home, making it challenging to be a fashion icon while looking in the cluttered mirror. We hope we helped you create space with our seven ideas. 

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