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Bakery racks are essential to baking a quality meal. Here's a guide to all the different bakery rack types.

A quick guide to bakery racks materials and types

The efficiency of any bakery depends on the choice of bakery racks. The smart selection of equipment will help to organize convenient storage of products and provide quick access, which will have a positive effect on the speed of work, quality of baked goods, and, consequently, on overall profit. The bakery racks come in different dimensions and configurations, so make sure you know which structure will serve you best since the wrong purchase will cause a lot of trouble.

Generally, there are no one-size-fits-all recommendations for the selection of rack equipment. The owner must decide which racks to install based on financial capabilities, commercial storage needs, the types of sold bakery goods. However, failing to find the right equipment can ruin your business reputation. To succeed with outfitting your bakery, do your own investigation. Learn about extra accessories to boost productivity, materials types for dealing only with safe, heavy-duty, and highly hygienic options, and available designs and shapes to perfectly fit into space.

Top three types of metal baker’s rack and their purpose

Nesting racks. These nesting racks are the type of storage shelving manufactured for nesting them inside one another for proper space management and saving valuable inches of the bakery area. They can support several pans and are equipped with casters for better mobility. Such a customized sturdy solution will help you to be more efficient with the optimization of tight bakery space. But the choice depends on the available room and storage objectives you strive to reach.

Oven racks. Only durable metal oven racks can withstand stove high temperature without releasing harmful and toxic particles or interacting with pastries. So, when picking this type of unit, be aware of its resistant properties and the food security level it delivers. 

Cooling racks. After the goods are baked, the staff needs to take care of its competent cooling for preserving its delicious taste and attractive look. And only specially designed cooling baker’s racks will ensure even cooling for every product placed there due to excellent air circulation. Thus, you won’t have any troubles with soggy cakes, rolls, donuts, etc.

Why stainless steel is the most preferable material for kitchen baker’s rack

Due to its strength, simplicity of maintenance, impact resistance, and longevity, stainless steel is recognized as the best material for designing restaurant equipment, such as bakery racks. It has a lot of undeniable advantages over structures made of other materials, including:

  • the non-porous surface that repels harmful bacteria, sticky dirt, and other particles that can negatively affect the stored goods;
  •  the ability to withstand harsh external factors, heavy loads, and high temperatures;
  • steel does not emit poisonous substances when the temperature changes, which makes it possible to use this material for manufacturing furniture for food establishments;
  • bakery racks will keep their shape and won’t deteriorate no matter how intensively they will be used.
  • versatility and usability allow using steel units for a variety of storing purposes.

The market has a wide variety of rack styles made of different steel gauges. Their main mission is to deliver functionality and cool, store, or transport baked goods. If you are planning to start your own bakery or any other food service business, check AmGoodSupply equipment. Built-to-last tables, shelves, sinks, and racks will impress you with their superb quality and the range of options with great modifications and upgrades.

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