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Baby donkeys are here and they are cute and we should never stop looking at them. Here are a few of our favorites.

Baby donkey pictures: These will melt even the coldest heart

For any & all having a bad day (or in 2020, a bad year) there is a shining beacon of hope & delight and it’s called: baby donkey pictures. Anyone who doubts this wonderful remedy has obviously never seen a baby donkey picture in their life. 

With their curiously fluffy coat, their large, limpid eyes, and knobbly little legs, it’s impossible to look upon a baby donkey and not be transfixed by the sheer cuteness of it. How can something be that adorable? It defies all reason. 

Nevertheless, baby donkeys are here and they are cute and we should never stop looking at them. So here are some baby donkey pictures to boggle your mind with cuteness. 

The fluffiest ‘lil guy

We’re not convinced this adorable bunny-donkey hybrid isn’t a plush toy. 

A sweet little moment

It’s enraging how adorable this is. 

A little snack

Eating a balanced diet means little donkeys grow up with long, straight ears and big, shiny teeth!

Bundle up

Even with their own fluffy coats, baby donkeys can still get chilly. 

Carole Baskin could never

So. Freaking. Cute. 😍💀

A happily little Eeyore

This is what we want to wake up to everyday. 


Soft donkey, warm donkey, little puff of fluff. Happy donkey, sleepy donkey, ee-huh, ee-huh. 

We can’t even

The cutest, stripiest little zonkey boi in the world! 💖

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