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Author Nilakshi Garg

Author Nilakshi Garg Gives 6 Tips for Personal Branding To Youngsters in India!

Personal brand in a developing country like India matters the most to grab the best deals and clients. It is one of the ways to never run out of ways to generate income for yourself and your clan. Thus, we are today listing some tips to create a personal brand and monetise the same for yourself with steady growth. These tips are shared by Author Nilakshi Garg, two times best-selling author of books Mirage and Twenty Eight Plus One. She has already worked as a screenplay writer in more than 10-12 short films. She is a multitasker and a “creativepreneur” or “passionpreneur” herself. 

Over the years, Nilakshi Garg has turned her passion for writing, researching, reading, and coaching youngsters in writing into a full-time profession. She aspires to be a great director one day and wants to become a global philanthropist someday. She is already on her path to creating a legacy for herself. Her books have got 70K+ downloads collectively in India over the last 3 years. Two of her short films have been viral, with 3 million views for one and 600k+ views for another on YouTube. She is on the path to teaching everyone how to connect, collaborate, and build the best road ahead for themselves so that they never have to worry about earning well again. 

6 Tips For Creating A Personal Brand For Yourself In India As A Content Creator Or An Author:

Draw self-awareness analysis and follow a calling in life:

Creating a personal brand isn’t easy for authors in India. Content creators can go viral and get brand deals based on their reels and shots these days. However, here I am talking about a personal brand to create a legacy for yourself and have an endless stream of income. And that is not all. Your words and thoughts will inspire people when you become a personal brand. 

That will only happen when you dive deep into yourself. Know about yourself as much as you can in depth. Know what is the higher purpose you would strive for in this life, and then you will attract people craving for the same mission in life. 

For instance, my ultimate purpose in life is to serve and inspire people to reform their lives and generate endless streams of income for everyone. I really want to create employment for people out there who have hidden talents, and those who are unaware of their supreme talents which they can monetise later on. 

So, try new things and find your calling in life. That is your first milestone to cover as you walk on the journey to create a personal brand. 

Invest time in providing value through your content on social media:

Create valuable posts on social media. Do your research regularly and start creating value on the topics in your niche that people are not focusing on. This could be anything and everything. Educating, entertaining, and making people curious are a few factors through which you derive value through your posts. 

So search accordingly on the net when you want to create regular social media posts for your personal brand. Also, schedule the posts so that those go live on time and you don’t miss out on inspiring the lives of your fellow netizens. 

Always have one digital product to sell and pitch:

A personal brand is not only about collaborating with clients or getting more deals. It is more about becoming an owner of a digital product or service that reflects your beliefs and values in life. 

People will be drawn to you because of your core products and services that no one can ever take away from you; come what may! That is one of the most beautiful things about creating a personal brand. 

You can create multiple offerings like products and services in your name as long as they serve the purpose and reflect your personality. Today, many famous celebs in India are already creating a personal legacy by creating their branded products and services. 

Be it Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, or Alia Bhatt. 

You could be the next star or celeb in your niche when you know what you can endlessly create and sell for the betterment of your target buyers. 

Invest time in engaging with communities who will be your target buyers later on:

Listen to the pain points of your target buyers. Without that, you will only go so far – that means wherever you aspire to reach and sway the flag of your personal brand. Embrace the culture of digital communities. Go there, and create an account. Use either the pseudo or real name. Whatever suits you matters the most here. 

Next, be active or online on the platform. Check out the latest posts by your target buyers. Engage with them. Talk about your brand and see if they recall it or not. It will give you real value and the worth of your market. 

When you regularly engage with your buyers, they start to trust you personally. They know they can reach you on the platform, and then they develop an emotional bond with you as a person. Later, you can convince them to try and buy your services and products. 

Do brand collaborations whenever possible:

This is an important aspect of a personal brand, which you mustn’t ignore. One of the primary goals of creating a personal brand is to be able to sell your offerings seamlessly and inspire lives along the way. And doing collaborations with other brands and sellers is one of the ways to increase your reach and make a greater impression of your services or products out there. So do not shy away from collaborating with other philanthropists; go on podcasts, interviews, etc. Try to make your voice known, heard, and read wherever possible. That is also when people begin to search about you and your offerings online.

Indulge in email marketing actively to roll out live announcements to your readers:

Email marketing is the smartest way today in the digital world to indulge your readers as an author who wants to create a personal brand. With email marketing, you can keep your readers and target buyers in the loop. 

They read your email and want to know what’s going on with you and what’s the new project you’re working on. 

You can drop ARC – Advanced Reader Copies, live event notices, invites to your loyal subscribers, product or service launch notices, and much more. 

This will be a bank of the exclusive content for your readers. 

So, in my opinion, email marketing engages your readers and subscribers. Over the time it motivates them to stick around and make regular purchases. 


Author Nilakshi Garg gave a detailed version of the modern 6 tips to exercise and implement for authors and young content creators in India to create their personal brands. If you’re one of those, you will definitely benefit from it. Otherwise, you can follow her on her social media handles to stay updated on what she has to say about creating a life the way you want it – and that too without caring about society’s judgemental nature. Follow her at @authornilakshigarg on Instagram and keep track on what’s the next project she’s working on.

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