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Atlanta Handyman tips

Atlanta Handyman tips

Mini Jobs has been fixing up homes in Metro Atlanta since 1987.  Presently, that is 36 years of experience as a company that serves as your handyman.  We fill all your needs.  We can replace a broken appliance, but more importantly, we may be able to fix that all those other small home aggravations like: holes in walls, doors, rotted windows, floors and ceilings, basement and kitchen and bath renovations.

We are licensed, bonded and insured.  We hold a general contractor license, liability and workers comp insurances.  This protects you and us.  We are a stable company that has had the same physical address, phone number and email address since we began in 1987.  We are not a “fly-by-night” company.  We are not intimidated by how small or how large a project may be.  We want to get you up and running again.

A handyman fills the void between a general contractor and repairs down to $0.00.    Most contractors do not want jobs below $50,000.00.

The handyman will repair and renovate from $110.00 to $50,000.00 and more.

The handyman will also do many of the jobs a general contractor does not know how to do.  A general contractor can replace a toilet, a handyman can repair it.

The general contractor can install a new door.  The handyman can adjust it to work with a kiss fit to the weatherstripping so it will open and close easily.

The general contractor can replace an entire bathroom tile and change out the tub and vanity.  So can the handyman.  However, the handyman will change only 20-30 tiles, if that’s all that is needed, whereas the general contractor wants to do the entire room.

Handymen are vital to the renovation industry for the smaller jobs: filling holes in the wall, adjusting a door to operate, sheetrocking the ceiling when someone steps through, replacing 1 or 2 floor boards or deck boards.

When you have a small repair or series of them, many people do not want to spend thousands of dollars for a general contractor.  This is where the handyman shines.  While our hourly cost may seem high, it’s still less than the general contractor.  The work can be just as proficient, if not better for the handyman knows how each item was built and the best repair to do.

A roofer will replace an entire roof.  A handyman will perform a water test to fine the expected spot of leakage and fix that.

A general contractor will repair a shower appearance by replacing the entire shower.  A handyman will perform a water test and repair the spot of concern.

Occasionally, the spot repair cost is the same as the entire replacement for we do not have X-ray vision to see the location in advance.  Usually, the repairs costs are far less than the replacement.

Mini Jobs knows how to change dishwashers, toilets, washing machines, as well as changing out rotted boards on the house, chimney corners, decks or termite eaten posts, beams and flooring.   We have even traced termite damage back to the source of entry.  However, the termite company should come out to poison the ground to make sure the damaging insects do not return.

Mini Jobs has successfully completed over tens of thousands of jobs since 1987.

Although we still advertise, most of our jobs come from referrals.  We shine when given a challenge to find a solution to a problem.

Many handymen will specialize in one or two areas of repairs (i.e.: doors, locks or sheetrock.)  Mini Jobs takes a more general approach and will not only do the smaller, more specific repairs, but also renovate entire kitchens bathrooms, bonus rooms and basements.  We have the contacts for the specialty installs (i.e.: shower doors, masonry repairs and flooring.)

While most of our repairs are interior, we do about 30% exterior repairs (on buildings, on porticoes, on siding, etc.)

When you have one or several small repairs, remember Mini Jobs.

Imagine how proud your significant other will be to show off the repairs we make for you.

Even though we specialize in the smaller handyman jobs, we excel in larger projects too.  We welcome the “impossible’, “can’t be done” jobs that other contractors refuse.

So please hire an experienced, specialized handyman to fix, repair or replace.  Call us 404-264-9141.

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