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Are you as funny as your zodiac sign? The best astrology memes

Did you know that an old-timey pick-up line from the 70s was “what’s your sign?” There was a huge interest in astrology during that time. People knew what signs were compatible with who and all that stuff. People still like talking about their zodiac signs. We’ve all had that friend with the crystals and the tarot cards who thinks she’s a witch, after all. Or, you can just look at the zodiac sign memes.

Equal parts funny and, maybe a bit scary accurate, these zodiac signs memes would have that astrology friend in your group laughing all day long. So if you need something to make you chuckle over how true that is about Aries vs Pisces as kids, then these are the memes that will be right up your alley. Bust out your astrology star chart and get ready to map these memes right onto it. 

1. Let’s talk about your childhood, baby! 

Ah, childhood. Perhaps this is when the sign has the most control over you on the lawless playground where anything can truly go and nothing matters if the teacher doesn’t spot you. True lawlessness. 

2. We all just need child leashes out in public, huh?

Remember, kids. Aries and Scorpios can definitely get a bit rowdy at restaurants. So, you know, make sure they’re distracted so that they don’t flip the table like they’re in the Real Housewives or burn anyone.

3. Superheroes and zodiac signs, oh my! 

Considering that Chris Evans literally has his sign tattooed on his bicep, Captain America is – by default – a Taurus. Though, either someone misspelled Robin, or pop sensation Robyn has had a very interesting career that none of us know about. 

4. The lies signs tell themselves 

Y’all are liars. And, wow, this rings so very true that you have to wonder if the person who wrote was actually just possessed by the spirit of the universe at large in order to write such a thing.

5. If you wanna be astrological about your pasta

Deep down you just want to stuff your face with pasta. So if you want to get all astrological the next time that the pasta stuffing calls to you in the night, here’s what you should be slamming your face into according to the stars. 

6. It’s a situation, honey

Seriously. It’s even worse when that person you like is actually an incompatible sign with you and you’re like, “guess I have to live with this” because they are so pretty and Fate’s just screaming at you to stop.

7. What do you mean Mercury isn’t in retrograde?! 

In case of Mercury not being in retrograde, and, let’s be real, that planet is always in retrograde, then just blame the actual planet you are on rather than Mercury. It’s either there or here, people.

8. My horoscope was right and my life is a mess

The stars totally get you and your issues. They’re here to provide clarification to when your life has gone off the rails in a major way.

9. How to assign dish duty

You could just load the dishwasher, you know? 

10. Reading your horoscope on the daily be like

Are horoscopes being vague on purpose so that you will feel like they’re really seeing you and assign the randomness of life some real meaning? We can’t say. But sometimes it makes you feel seen and you just gotta vibe with it. 

11. Where we all just cliches in high school? 

Or, do zodiac signs and memes truly guide our lives on a huge level that we’ve never truly felt before.


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