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Is Doja Cat walking the line with her net worth by being an edgelord? Let's find out.

Are Doja Cat’s online antics already impacting her net worth?

In the ever-evolving landscape of pop music, Doja Cat stands out not just for her catchy tunes but also for her knack for stirring the pot. 

With a net worth estimated at $12 million, this rapper, singer, and songwriter first caught the public’s eye as a teenager making waves on SoundCloud. But how does she parlay that into her net worth? Let’s take a deep dive into Doja Cat’s net worth and see what we can find out about pop stars who are also edgelords.

Forbes Factor

Fast forward a few years, and she’s not only signed a record deal at 17 but has also released albums like Amala, Hot Pink, and Planet Her, with the latter two breaking into the top ten of the Billboard 200. But it’s not just her music that’s got people talking; Doja Cat’s social media savvy, particularly her use of TikTok and YouTube, has become a significant part of her brand.

In 2022, Forbes released a list of the highest-paid people in hip-hop, placing Doja Cat’s earnings at a whopping $25 million for 2021. This figure, attributed to her music career and growing international presence, along with partnerships with brands like Pepsi and CandyCrush, paints a picture of a star on the rise. However, this number wasn’t substantiated and remains unconfirmed, adding a layer of mystery to her financial success.

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Controversy Strikes Again

Doja Cat’s latest social media move has left fans and critics alike in a frenzy. The singer recently posted, then deleted, a selfie wearing a shirt featuring Sam Hyde, a controversial figure linked to the alt-right and neo-Nazi movements. 

Hyde, known for his work on Adult Swim’s Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, has been a contentious figure, with his show canceled after one season due to racist and sexist messaging. This isn’t the first time Doja Cat has been embroiled in controversy, with her history of trolling and venturing into the darker corners of the internet well-documented.

As Doja Cat gears up for her new album Scarlet, her online behavior has escalated. She’s renamed herself, dismissed her first two albums as “cash grabs,” and even threatened to quit music

This behavior, coupled with her rumored relationship with J Cyrus, accused of grooming and sexual misconduct, has led to a rift with her fanbase, the “Kittenz.” A prominent Brazilian fan account even announced an “indefinite break” from covering the singer, citing disappointment with her recent actions.

Past Controversies Resurface

Doja Cat’s online troubles aren’t new. She’s previously faced backlash for using homophobic slurs and was seen in a leaked video from a Tinychat room rumored to be associated with white supremacists. Despite denying involvement in racist conversations, these incidents have continued to haunt her public image. Her manager, Gordan Dillard, told Rolling Stone in 2021 that while there’s nervousness about her online presence, they can’t be mad at her for being herself.

With the release of Scarlet, Doja Cat has undergone a significant transformation. Gone are the colorful lacefronts, replaced by a shaved head and demon-inspired imagery. Her approach to fame and the internet has also shifted, with a more aggressive stance towards her fans. 

This change has sparked discussions about her past online interactions, homophobic comments, and controversial connections. The question now is whether this is a new phase for Doja Cat or an extension of her long-standing online persona.

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The “Old Doja” Nostalgia

Fans and critics alike are voicing their concerns, with some longing for the “old Doja.” Her latest album, Scarlet, has been described as a battle in the “IDGAF war,” yet it seems to highlight her inability to address valid criticisms. Instead, she appears to be wrapping up these concerns in a dismissive attitude towards her fans and their concerns about her past behavior.

At 27, Doja Cat is no longer the young internet sensation who might be excused for her online missteps. Her actions and statements now reflect on her as an adult with a significant platform. 

The wearing of a T-shirt featuring a neo-Nazi sympathizer, for instance, is not just a matter of being edgy; it’s a statement that carries weight and consequences. As she continues to navigate her career, the question remains: Is Doja Cat simply a pop star unafraid to be herself, or is there a deeper issue at play that needs addressing?

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