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So, you have bought a car window film. Now you have two choices, either to apply it yourself using professional tinting tools or get ripped off by some auto repair center.

How to apply Car Window Film Using Professional Tinting tools?

What’s a window film?

Window film is a decorative polyester that is attached to the inside of a car during the tinting process. Normally, decorations aren’t important but this one is a necessity. It can block:

  • Heat
  • UV Rays
  • Glare

Just like a window tint but actually it’s a whole different product.

 When you apply window tint, you are looking to change the color and shade of your window but window film is quite a bit different as it allows you to reap all the same benefits of a window tint but without having to change the color. Yes, it doesn’t change the color of your window. So, it may be perfect for some.

What’s the best Car window film?

Like pretty much everything, it depends. It depends on your needs. Are you looking for ways to prevent overheating your car? Or the reason you are applying the film is to reduce glare on the road. Or it could be other reasons like security and privacy. Whatever the reason maybe, you can always choose from:

They have arguably the best window films if we talk about usefulness and innovation. Choose from:

  • Antarctic Nano Ceramic
  • Nano Ceramic pro
  • Carbon Color Stable

Choose the one that suits your needs and you’ll be good to go

How much does it cost to put film on a car?

Technology becomes cheaper as more and more products are introduced in a niche. Lucky for you, window films have been around for quite long consequently, have become cheaper. You are looking at somewhere around 250 – 300 US Dollars.

This is a calculated guess but is roughly what most of the car window films require. It is to be noted that this includes the window film and tinting tools. So, an investment of 300 dollars in your car isn’t bad considering how much it will enhance the look.

Can I remove the film afterwards?

For some reason if you decide that:

  • This film blocks too much light!
  • I can’t see properly through the film!
  • I want to get a newer version!

Just one peel from the corner and the whole thing will come off on its own!

That’s the beauty of window films that you don’t even need to consider “forever”. Considering you already have the professional tinting tools, the cost is going to cut to half the second time you apply the film. It’s basically a win for you.

What tinting tools do professionals use?

Very wise of you to choose the first option apply the film yourself. Professionals at car care centers cost too much. 200 US dollars more to be exact. But why don’t we use the tools of a professional and save the extra cost of relying on someone? 

Good Question. We are here to give you the answer and in fact, guide you through the steps. After talking to a lot of professionals, this list is made. These are the most common tools used by professionals;

  • Squeezes
  • Hard Cards
  • Cutters
  • Small Masts

All these tools are useful in one way or the other. (Read How to apply car window film using professional tinting tools).

Where can I buy  professional tinting tools?

Like always, we got you covered on this one too. Tinting tools are fairly common to purchase from the market if you ask me. But I can’t assure you about the quality of the product you are going to buy. 

So its best to stick with someone who specializes in the field. Premium Gard is an online store that offers free shipping all across the US and has it all when it comes to tinting and applying films. Click on this link and you’ll be redirected to Premium Gard:

From here you can purchase the tools, get them shipped to you in the comfort of your home and start working on making your car look cool.

How to install Car Window Film using professional tinting tools?

Applying car window film can be easy if you know how. We are going to present a step by step guide on how you can do that:

Peel off the back sheet:

The first step is to peel off the back sheet that is adhered to the film. The process is easy. Place the sheet on a flat surface then spray it with water. Now the sheet will be moist and can peeled off easily. 

Pro tip:

Don’t pull at the right angle to the surface as the back sheet will come off too. Instead, peel it downwards.

Apply it on the window:

This is the most important step. Place the thumb at the center of both sides of the sheet. Lift it up and adjust it 1 inch away from the corner of the windows but keep in mind that the gaps should be at right angles to each other. Start pushing down until the film is at its place

Pro tip:

Don’t force the film if it gets stuck at some point, rather rectify it gently.

Remove the water:

At this point the sheet will be dripping so grab your mast and start from the sides, push all the water in, then use an easy reach tool to push down side water. Now that the water is removed and film is in its place, heat seal the film using a mast to do the rest of the work.


Car Window film is easy to apply if you have professional tinting tools and the knowledge to do it. Read the guide carefully and be cautious as even a minor issue can cause bubbles and end up ruining the whole film.

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