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Who is Andrew Tate’s sister Janine Tate?

Andrew Tate is a British entrepreneur, life coach, and martial artist. He has achieved success in both his businesses and his personal life. He is best known for his online presence and the motivational self-help advice he provides to people from all walks of life.

Tate was born on 4 April 1991 in Wigan, England. His father works in IT and his mother is an accountant. Growing up, he enjoyed a variety of sports including martial arts, rugby league, running, and swimming. After graduating high school in 2006, he went on to study Sports Science at Liverpool John Moores University where he graduated in 2009 with first class Honors.

Business Ventures

After college, Tate moved to Las Vegas where he founded AskMen (now part of Ziff Davis). It quickly grew into one of the most influential websites for men’s lifestyle advice with more than 25 million monthly readers worldwide. Later on in 2013, he co-founded Challengermode — an online gaming tournament platform that hosted some of the biggest global e-Sports tournaments over the years. 

Some of these gaming tournament platforms include  ESL One Cologne 2016 and DreamHack Winter 2016 for Counter Strike: Global Offensive players.Outside of his successful technology ventures, Tate has also built a successful real estate portfolio by investing heavily in properties across the United States and Europe. 

In addition to this work as an investor, Andrew Tate also runs several other businesses. The list includes Hyperion Coaching which offers physical and mental performance coaching services; Bishop Media Group which specializes in digital marketing; as well as Kickboxing Academy which teaches kickboxing seminars around the world.

Personal Life

Tate is no stranger to controversy – especially when it comes to controversial topics like gender or race— but this hasn’t stopped him from achieving success both professionally and personally. He has been able to build strong relationships with those around him whether that be through business or friendship – something many people strive for yet often fail at due to the difficulty of balancing so much at once!

Alongside this impressive list of achievements are other passions outside of business such as volunteerism. Tate has notably been working with MentorMatch, a charitable organization focused on connecting mentors with victims of domestic violence within Las Vegas’ homeless population. He’s also been involved in art collecting; hiking/trekking expeditions; attending festivals such as Burning Man.

Tate has shown to be an integral person by giving a place to different aspects of life that are fundamental aside from work. Reading books is an important activity for Tate, especially self help books are particularly popular. This has been helpful for developing new philosophies based on ancient wisdom from eastern cultures, as well as yoga just to name a few!


Overall, Andrew Tate is an exemplary example of ambition and hard work having achieved success both professionally and personally despite coming from humble beginnings growing up in England’s northwest boroughs near Manchester. His story demonstrates how anyone can achieve their dreams if they focus on setting clear goals while taking action consistently every single day. 

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