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Amendeep Sharma is an entrepreneur and business owner with insight into the digital landscape. Find out how he can help you here.

Amendeep Sharma Helps Businesses Launch and Adapt to the Digital Landscape

As an entrepreneur, and multiple business owner, Amendeep Sharma understands more than most what it takes to achieve success. He has been using that knowledge to assist startups, and help those who’ve had to adapt their businesses when COVID-19 caused them to close shop doors.

Amendeep’s four companies all operate solely in the digital world – it’s Amendeep’s world, he has been evolving with it continuously since his teens and has always been keen on sharing his expertise for the benefit of others. As a sixteen year old student, Amendeep reached out to local businesses in his hometown of Nottingham, to offer his web design services free of charge in order to build up a portfolio. Offering free websites is ultimately how his career began, so it is fitting now that as a result of his persistent hard work he is able to share his successes, and come full-circle by providing free web design services to support businesses in need.

Never one to keep industry secrets to himself, Amendeep has authored the UK’s Best Selling Marketing book, The Google Checklist, to provide businesses the insight to get their brand seen. Amendeep’s Digital Marketing Agency, HeartCMS, is an accredited Google Partner, which means that as a business they have demonstrated advanced skills and expertise in Google Ads. The company specialises in getting businesses seen and boosting conversions, their mission, they say, is to find solutions by “really getting to know each client from the inside out, the priority is to know what gets a brand’s heart beating and doing everything possible to deliver them to their ultimate business goals”. He says, “success for us comes in watching our clients succeed – that will always be at the heart of everything we do”.

For most businesses whose shop fronts were forced to close in the wake of the pandemic the only solution to their troubles was to reopen virtually. Many small business owners however, had never traversed the digital landscape before, and modifying a business to fit within an unknown territory is like using known sales tactics on a customer who doesn’t speak your language. That’s where Amendeep stepped in.

Being in a fortunate position as a business that grew during a time when so many others struggled, or had to close doors permanently, allowed Amendeep and his HeartCMS team to extend their expertise and kindness, to suffering business owners and entrepreneurs who are new to navigating the digital landscape. Launching businesses is something Amendeep has gained experience in both professionally and personally. HeartCMS has designed and built over 3000 websites, as well as helping to create bespoke brand identities, advertising campaigns and much much more. Additionally, since its launch in 2012, HeartCMS itself has grown exponentially with Amendeep now hiring over 15 incredibly talented individuals inclusive of designers and developers, writers, project managers and more who really strive to who really put their heart into all that they do.

2020 saw Amendeep Sharma achieve huge success. He launched two new businesses, a bespoke oak shelves store (Handcrafted Shelves) and a print company (The Online Printer) which he developed into a network, The iHeart Group, inclusive of his Web Design Nottingham agency (HeartCMS) and influencer marketing brand (Hashtag Blogger, launched 2019). During this busy year Amendeep welcomed his first child into the world, HeartCMS won ‘Most Creative Web Design Agency’ in Nottingham and somehow he still managed to find the time to extend a helping hand to businesses in need.

The five-star ratings and rave reviews his newest businesses have already received are further evidence that Amendeep is an expert at showcasing brands in a way that gets them seen, and converts viewers to paying customers. Handcrafted Shelves thrives on the fact it does not have a storefront. With more customers than ever browsing the web for their purchases, lockdown was an optimum time to achieve desired sales targets and meet business goals.

HeartCMS expresses that success for them comes in seeing others succeed, Let’s Talk Birth and Baby is a business who found themselves on the receiving end of Amendeep kindness. Owner, Louise Broadbridge, says “I can honestly say that I would not have been able to continue to grow [the business] without the help of the HeartCMS team.” After an initial meeting she was offered a free website as she is a key worker.

Louise says that “The whole team are responsive and helpful and have guided me through my technical inability with patience and professionalism”. As a result of the creative web design she’s received, she “foresees that HeartCMS will be [their] go to for any new technical developments that are needed for many years to come.” On top of the websites built and launched, telecoms arranged and digital marketing support received, Louise says she was also “offered much needed moral support during the many challenges of starting a business.”

For all that Amendeep was able to achieve in a year much of the world stood still, we look forward to witnessing what he’ll do next, and seeing how he’ll continue to grow and help others to do so too.

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