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The internet is buzzing about the lead actress Alexandra Bokova in the newly released indie feature film 'Mermaid Down'. Here's what we know.

Alexandra Bokova portrays a mythical creature with style in ‘Mermaid Down’

The internet is buzzing about the lead actress Alexandra Bokova in the newly released indie feature film Mermaid Down. The movie, directed by Jeffrey Grellman, isn’t another princess story of a girl giving up her voice in exchange for legs to follow a prince around. 

This mermaid is a mythical creature ripped from the Pacific against her will, her tail gets chopped off with an axe, and she’s thrown into a mental home for women where no one believes she is a mermaid.

Mermaid Down has received mixed feedback, but Russian born Bokova is unanimously praised in film reviews and viewer commentary. She successfully developed a very sophisticated interpretation of a new mermaid – very beautiful but with a strong personality. 

Alexandra Bokova’s mermaid performance is an exceptionally executed job of a truly gifted performer expressing pain, suffering, and longing without the help of a single word. 

You would think this is a seasoned actress with a couple of lead titles under her belt but this is not the case. Mermaid Down is Alexandra Bokova’s first feature film. Her bold choices and obvious talent is very impressive for any actress, let alone an up and comer in Hollywood.

Based on her Instagram, Alexandra practices martial arts, has a liking to snakes, swords and is very environmentally conscious. Unlike many influencers on social media she actually responds to her followers comments on Instagram and seems very down to Earth and friendly. 

Her posts range from saving whales to videos of her kicking butt sword fighting. The more we try to learn about Alexandra the more curious about her we become. It’s safe to say that this isn’t the last we will see of Alexandra, as more people are interested in the person behind this unique and memorable mermaid. Curious to see what kind of projects and characters she works on next.

Catch Alexandra Bokova in Mermaid Down currently playing in select theaters and on streaming VOD services. Available on DVD/Blu-Ray in early 2020.

If you’re on the fence here is what the press say about Alexandra’s performance and don’t forget to check out our exclusive interview with the star herself here.

“As good as the flick looks, the acting on display is it’s equal with Bokova giving an impressively physical performance that conveys her every emotion without the benefit of dialog” – HorrorFuel

“Alexandra even wore the tail for those shots and performed the stunt work herself despite knowing the camera could barely see her face in the murky water.” – Fangoria

“She doesn’t speak at all in the film but you do get the idea about what kind of emotions she’s going through. And how she’s able to communicate through using purely facial expressions, body language and sign language. She does a good job here of really portraying almost like an animal, a wide-eyed kind of dog if you can imagine, who’s shoved into this cage from being free in the world. I thought she did an excellent job here.” – Geek Legion of Doom

“Bokova’s participation as the mermaid must be highlighted; she seems to have made the greatest effort to keep the film afloat, not pun intended, with the mannerisms of her character since it has no verbal ability to do so.” – HorrorBuzz

“The actors/actresses do a great job selling their roles and the mermaid is downright gorgeous.” – Ain’t It Cool

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