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Hailing from filmmaker Alexander Jeremy, 'f r e d' is a look at grief. Here's everything you need to know about 'f r e d' and filmmaker Alexander Jeremy.

Filmmaker Alexander Jeremy on ‘f r e d’

Film doesn’t have to just come in long-form content. Plenty of people, not just student filmmakers, make their own short-form films for others to enjoy. This is where f r e d comes in for those looking for more short films to get into their lives. Hailing from filmmaker Alexander Jeremy, f r e d is a look at grief. 

What is f r e d about?

Given that f r e d is a short film, we can’t get too deep into plot details. The brief synopsis says that f r e d  “is the story of a woman grieving over the recent passing of her fiancé. After she meets Fred, a strange man, we become certain that below the surface, this is a much darker story.”

Susie Kimnell and Sam Woodhams star in f r e d.

f r e d, which Jeremy directed and wrote, is dedicated to his friend Josh Tobias Mills, who died in 2018.  f r e d was shot on only £3,000 and boasts a 50% female workforce. 

With UK Film Review calling  f r e d “Utterly mesmerising . . . Pitch perfect.” There’s so many reasons to watch filmmaker Alexander Jeremy’s  f r e d.

You can watch f r e d on Vimeo

Who is Alexander Jeremy? 

Alexander is a Writer/Director/Actor and Comedian. He is Associate Director at London’s Flux Theatre and is also a member of the Time Out/Londonist/Metro and Evening Standard recommended improv group Shoot From The Hip.

Shoot From The Hip Improv Comedy 

Website of the 2017 What’s On Comedy award for Best Improv in London. SFTH have been performing at London’s top comedy clubs for over 8 years.

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