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We’ve rounded up all the different looks Aiden Zhane gave us in 'RuPaul's Drag Race' season 12. Here's the ranking from best to worst.

All of Aiden Zhane’s ‘Drag Race’ lewks: Ranking from best to worst

Aiden Zhane wasn’t exactly a fan favorite on RuPaul’s Drag Race, which made it hard to look at the outfits objectively. Sure, some of the looks are pretty out there, and some of them are even downright bad, but everyone has an off day. Some Aiden Zhane’s looks were interesting, and perhaps deserve more credit than they were given.

We’ve rounded up all the different looks Aiden Zhane gave us – there aren’t too many since Zhane was eliminated during the sixth episode – and ranked them from best to worst. 

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite and least favorite looks from Zhane were.

Grand finale

Zhane may have been eliminated early on in the season, but this little fact did not prevent the queen from bringing her best look by far to the season finale. This stunning black & copper, peacock-esque, formal wear is a look to behold. From the patterning which reminds us of art deco to the very 1980s heightened shoulder pads we could happily stare at this look all day.

Planet of the Capes

This thriller movie-inspired look, while slightly off putting with the real moth on her mouth, is still a nice look – if perhaps a bit lowkey. The all black jumpsuit is flattering and the cape isn’t overwhelming the look. It’s also one of the few times Zhane actually has visible eyebrows.

Entrance look

Zhane knows when and how to opt for pants over a dress. This shiny catsuit with a colorful jacket feels part Selina Kyle and part trophy wife, which is not a combination we could have ever dreamed up, but we’re kind of living for it.


Not only did this look provide us with a new wig, which is absolute fire by the way, it also veered off from Aiden Zhane’s usual tendencies to the disconcerting and eerie. This brightly colored lime green ensemble is fun – but like the sun, don’t stare too long lest you start to lose your eyesight.

Buttons and Bows

This mod look is middle ground for us. It isn’t bad, but it also isn’t the most stunning work Zhane has done. Rather than incorporate the buttons and bows into something interesting or new they’re just slapped onto the shoes and dress. The bright pink is a fun color, but feels like a random choice which doesn’t contrast much with the brightly colored decorations.

Frozen Eleganza

This dress is beautiful, but as far as the prompt goes this look just doesn’t cut it. If we saw someone wear this to a red carpet premiere it would almost feel right at home – which makes us feel as if the prompt wasn’t fully embraced. This look is supposedly attempting to look like a yeti, but it looks far more like the Disney princess Elsa.

Lady Baller

This plain white dress with a little leather strap is just uninspiring for us. The outfit isn’t particularly visually interesting.

 Just because you’re holding a baseball glove does not convince us you are sporty.

Basketball wife

It’s at this point we realize we just don’t believe Zhane was on top of her game this day, because all three of her looks from the episode “The Ball Ball” comprise our bottom three.

This look is also boring, a simple leopard print dress with fur trim and some basic red heels. The shopping bag which was used on the runway was vaguely amusing, but overall this left us wanting.

Balls to the wall

It’s probably no surprise this is our least favorite look. While the other two ball-themed outfits were boring this one isn’t. Instead, it’s just downright weird, yet also seems a bit lazy.

This outfit reminds of Robin Thicke’s ensemble when he accompanied Miley Cyrus’s performance at the MTV awards – but that performance was far more “balls to the wall” than this outfit is.

The prompt made us expect something crazy, intense, and which was utilizing balls to the fullest. Instead, we were greeted with a couple arts & crafts poufs hanging around listlessly.

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