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Data or information is of immense value in today’s day and age. Here's how to keep your data safe and secure with Actifile.


Data or information is of immense value in today’s day and age. It is one of the greatest assets of any organization that needs to be protected. Back in time, data used to be manually prepared, organized and stored. However, as technology made progress, manual data preparation and storage was replaced by the digital mode. The digital platform has made things easier, faster, and certainly more efficient and accessible. Today, one can send files in any nook and corner of the world at the click of a mouse. While the use of technology has several upsides, it has its own limitations too. New and new ways are being discovered to defraud companies and steal their data. Such breaches are being done by people from both within and outside the organization. Thus, it becomes imperative to safeguard and protect one’s data. 

About Actifile

Actifile, a company that was formed in 2017, aims to address the data security concerns mentioned above. The company was founded by a group of IT enthusiasts. It all started when they realized the kind of data threat looming over organizations in modern times. As part of the standard operating procedure, data is shared & transferred multiple times. Such activities occur both intra-organization as well as inter-organization. Thus, data is exchanged numerous times in a single day which makes it difficult to track any irregularities. 

Actifile works in the capacity of a data privacy company. It helps keep your organization’s data safe and secure. Firstly, it recognizes the fact that due to data being exchanged multiple times, it is available at several endpoints. This makes it highly vulnerable to being stolen and leaked. Actifile identifies several such endpoints and shadow IT applications threatening the data privacy of a firm. Following that, it then moves on to secure such files by encrypting them. 

‘Airbag Like’ Actifile

Every 11 seconds, an illicit person or organization attacks a company’s data privacy. Such ransomware attacks are highly frequent and dangerous as they threaten the very being of an organization. However, through its robust identification and encryption system, Actifile reduces the impact of such attacks by 98%. Actifile goes a step ahead of systems like firewall and antivirus when it comes to protecting data. Thus, when everything else fails, Actifile protection survives. It is certainly a very fast data privacy scanner. Therefore, its founders, employees and users, all term it as an airbag-like system. Rather than acting as a mere protective wall, Actifile is embedded in your system. It prevents any form of data breach and leak by encrypting the files. 

How It Works

Actifile operates in the most silent and seamless manner without causing any hindrance to your regular operations. This is the reason why major MSPs like CyberSecurity, Choice, We Bridge, etc. trust Actifile for its valuable services. Actifile automatically deploys in the company’s system’s endpoints. From there on, it starts recognizing the major data concerns, sensitive areas, exposure and response time. Actifile maintains a constant watch on the data transactions in order to remain updated with the associated risks. It helps Actifile to take swift and effective actions. Actifile also prevents company’s data from being encroached upon by third party applications. Lastly, not only does Actifile encrypt your files, it also performs several other corrective and preventive actions. Actifile identifies common malwares and safeguards your system from them. It keeps your system clean by regularly sorting, updating files and deleting unwanted ones. 

Today, Actifile is one of the best PII scanning software. Thus, for people & organizations who value data immensely, collaborating with Actifile is something that they must do to safeguard themselves. 

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