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A Starter’s Guide to Purchasing Gunpla Models

Gunpla, short for Gundam plastic model, are poseable mecha model kits based on Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. The model kits shall be built by the buyer once purchased. They are a sturdier collection that is best used for displays rather than playing with them. 

Due to increased demand over the decades, the company improved its parts and mechanisms for better articulation, gimmicks, and tones of posing options. You can choose from different sizes and designs of their model kits at affordable prices.

Being new to Gunpla Models will require much time and learning from you. You can buy gunpla at Gundam Express, but here are the basics you need to know before getting one.

1. The Kit to Pick

If you have watched some series from the Gundam franchise, all you need to do is choose your favorite mobile suit. Building one that connects to you the most would be more fun. Another tip, especially to those who have not seen any series, is to pick an easy kit as your first Gunpla kit.

Different kits are based on their components or the building they require. To know more about these, read below.

High Grade

It’s the most beginner-friendly grade. It has fewer parts and is molded in colors that do not require painting.

Real Grade

Despite being more detailed, it has the same scale, which is 1/144. Each kit has a skeleton-like inner frame, allowing you to layer under the armor and external parts. It is the same reason it is flexible.

Master Grade

Most of their kits have that skeleton frame, but it necessitates experience with building high-grade and real-grade kits first. The kits are sophisticated in detail.

Perfect Grade

These kits are the most expensive, and what they offer is only for a person that can take a challenge. Every kit is intricate in detail.

2. Purchase the Tools Too

Nippers are the tool you should buy first. You will use it as you remove every piece from the runners safely. Mr. Hobby- Mr. Basic Tool Set or Bandai Spirit Entry Nippers are the most affordable, durable, and recommended for beginners in the building process.

Tweezers will also help with attaching the stickers and decals. Your fingers can be too shaky and big, making it harder for you to apply pieces properly. You must also own a mechanical file for every numbs of a model.

A hobby knife is the last tool you need for removing nibs and shaving the parts without affecting the plastic. All tools are not safe for kids. Adult supervision is necessary.

3. Prepare a Clean Workspace

Every kit has parts and tools that should not be missing while building. Having a regular table with other things will cause a distraction or dilemma. You can easily grab what you need at the right time if your environment is tidy and organized.

It will help if you have a cutting mat to secure your table. Spills from glues and scratches from tools can result. Light is a significant part of the building process for a better vision and focus, especially when a piece goes missing.

4. The Building Process

It is not about finishing early and seeing the outcome. Check the pamphlet with your kit, and ensure all runners stated are with you.

Then, cut the pieces and start making them fit. Do not force a part to fit another because you might have misread something. You should always review the diagram from the pamphlet.

Removing excess plastic on parts must be done little by little. With this, you will avoid minor white damage. Panel lining will be necessary. Also, use the panel lining pen and a regular eraser to clean up. Stickers and topcoats are the last steps to add color and shine to make yours stand out.

Begin Your Gunpla Journey Now

It is normal to be clueless when starting a new hobby. Skills in building Gunpla models will be achieved while you undergo the process. What you need to do is to buy the kit that best suits you and complete the tools that you need.


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