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7 things you need to know about freight forwarding

If you’re planning to import or export goods, you might have come across the term “freight forwarding.” But what exactly is freight forwarding, and why is it essential for international trade? In simple terms, a freight forwarder is a person or company that arranges shipments for individuals or businesses. They handle everything from transportation to customs clearance and documentation. In this blog, we’ll discuss the basics of freight forwarding, including the services they offer, the types of shipments they handle, and why you might need their help. So, let’s dive in!

What is freight forwarding?

Freight forwarding covers the strategic planning and execution of logistics for the international shipment of goods. A freight forwarder will deal directly with tasks including negotiating freight rates, tracking the consignment, completing customs paperwork, and warehousing.

Companies can profit monetarily from the import and export of products and have the means to carry out effective logistics planning. International shipping operations are difficult, nevertheless.

It calls for knowledge of customs regulations and procedures, which differ from nation to nation and even port to port and quick problem-solving for times when technology or the weather don’t cooperate, and the ability for network development.

7 things to know about freight forwarding


Freight forwarders are major players in logistics management. Here are a few tasks that freight forwarders perform:

  • Documentation for import and export
  • Customs
  • Packaging
  • Warehousing goods
  • Protection for goods
  • Administration of the inventory

Clarify what services your potential freight forwarder offers if you’re searching for an international air freight forwarder to manage certain duties like packaging or product storage.

Reduces stress

Your tension can be reduced by using a forwarder with experience in both air and water freight services. The correct freight forwarder can be helpful if you have a consignment that needs to be delivered quickly or has encountered difficulties in the last mile of your supply line.

Knowing the specifics of transporting huge cargo in and out of nations is part of the business of marine and air freight. These professionals are aware of the documentation requirements for your shipments and when to present them.

Handle delays in shipment

Delays are unavoidable in the world of global supply chains. A freight forwarder has little control over the majority of the factors that result in shipping line delays, such as poor weather, delays in port, and mechanical failures.

Even though you might be frustrated by the shipping time delay, you can be sure that your freight forwarder will handle the situation immediately and adequately.


A number of crucial documents are provided by your freight forwarder to guarantee the safety of your shipment and avoid potential legal complications.

Your freight forwarder will give you various pieces of documentation, including an invoice, a bill of shipment, a certificate of origin declaration, an assessment certificate, an export license, export shipping details, and a supplier’s export declaration.

Warehousing, labelling, and packaging

Customers can rent warehouse space from a freight forwarder in both the source country and the destination country. Your belongings will be housed in a secure location with temperature control and insurance. Freight forwarders can also provide a wide range of additional services like packaging, warehousing, and labelling merchandise upon demand. They may also mention the commodities’ weight and whether or not they are deemed dangerous.

Legal Requirements

Employing a freight forwarder has many advantages, one of which is that they are knowledgeable about local legal requirements. Certain products are illegal for businesses to export to other nations. Toxic or combustible goods, drugs and alcohol, batteries, sharp objects, and perishables are a few examples of items that are banned from shipping. Your freight forwarder can give you advice if you have questions about the legality of your shipment.

Stronger network

A freight forwarder with a track record of success in international air and water shipping will have a vast network, including participation in relevant sectors.

A freight forwarder with a good network may help you avoid unnecessary delays, get you the best price, and easily navigate the inevitable roadblocks.

By using NimbusPost’s freight forwarding service, the best logistics company, you can have the most hassle-free and stress-free shipping process. You can be sure that your shipment is safe and will arrive on time.


A successful freight forwarding service provider has a wide network of carriers and brokers to facilitate the fastest international deliveries. You can also get the lowest prices for your specific shipping assignment and enjoy a better profit margin.

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