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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Printed Circuit Board?

We are acquainted with the term PCB which is associated with electrical connection and equipment. But do you know what these words PCB stand for? Well, PCB refers to printed circuit boards. This thing has its own importance when electrical connections are concerned. PCB has various applications in different fields. A lot of printed circuit board manufacturers are there in the market to supply PCB as per their demand. But most of us really don’t have much idea about the real applications of a Printed Circuit Board. Don’t worry as we are going to discuss the reasons behind using a Printed Circuit Board.

What is a PCB?

PCB or Printed Circuit Board is a conductive material made board which has conductive lines engraved in it. All sorts of required electrical compounds are mounted on the board and they are connected through the engraved conductive lines of the board, making it a working circuit. The board is constructed of different layers – a substrate layer made with fibreglass, the copper layer made with thin copper foil, the solder mask layer and silkscreen layer etc. From mobile phones to computers and many other electronic elements have PCBs in them which we often don’t realize.

The average shelf life of a PCB is 50-70 years if it is kept in a healthy environment. Also, the basic thing you can do is to avoid water connections to it as this may lead to damage to this circuit board. You can ask printed circuit board manufacturers to help you to learn about the terms of using this special working circuit. They can offer advice on how to advance, the shelf life of your PCB.

Why Should You Use Printed Circuit Board?

There are plenty of reasons to always go for a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and we are going to share with you the top 7 reasons among them.

1. Product Size

This is one of the major applications of PCB. It helps your electronic device to be smaller in size. As the electronic compounds are mounted on a single board, it allows you to save a lot of space compared to individual components. So the end product will be smaller in size making it portable.

2. Product Durability

The durability of a Printed Circuit Board is next level. As we have already mentioned its shelf life can be of 50-70 years if properly cared for. PCB can handle damage factors like physical force, heat, water, oil, moisture etc. It is hard to break a PCB. So, PCB can be used for electrical items which are used in hazardous conditions.

3. Safety from Electric Shocks

Printed circuit board manufacturers made the circuit board encapsulated in such a way that nobody can touch two conductive lines together at a time with bare skin. That’s why there is almost no risk of electric shock from your device which has PCB in it.

4. Cooling Ability

PCB is also used to keep your device cool. utilizing an electronic gadget, it generates heat that can damage your device if unnoticed. C and keep your device cool. This is another major reason for using PCB in electronic devices.

5. Can be Recycled

One of the very important reasons for using PCB in electronic devices is that they can be recycled. After the shelf life of your device ends you can easily recycle the PCB. This doesn’t have any negative environmental effects too so PCBs are environmentally friendly. In the twentieth century where electronic devices are being used by every single person, having such an eco-friendly electric circuit is a blessing.

6. Easy to Repair

PCBs can be easily repairable. As all the electronic components are mounted on a single board, it is easier to find where or which component is at fault and to repair or replace it. But if that component is placed anywhere else, then it will become very difficult to look for the fault and to repair it.

7. Cost Saving

If you are a PCB manufacturer then you know this fact PCB also saves cost. A printed circuit board functions with fewer components than mounting individual electronic components to a device. As a result, using PCBs in your business can allow you to save a lot by compensating for unnecessary electrical compounds.

What are the Real Life Applications of PCB?

PCBs are utilized in pretty much every electronic device. Let’s see what are the real-life applications of it.

● Medical Devices

When we go to a doctor or take medical tests, we often see the doctors using several devices to check out BP, Sugar, Oxygen Level etc. Also, testing centres use several electric devices to do the tests. All this equipment has PCBs in it.

● LEDs

PCB manufacturers also supply a huge quantity of PCB for LEDs. Developing interest for energy productivity led’s like expanded the interest for Printed Circuit Boards. PCB helps to reduce the heat that is generated when LEDs are used through the heat transfer process.

● Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics such as computers, mobile phones, smart watches, radios and home appliances etc. all have PCBs installed in them which helps in better product functioning, durability, heat transfer and lowering the cost of the final product.

● Industrial Equipments

Industrial manufacturing equipment, power equipment, measuring equipment etc. are made with PCBs. As a printed circuit board helps in reducing the risk of shock and also can be used in hazardous industrial conditions, now industrial equipment is being manufactured with PCBs installed in them.

● Automobiles

In automobiles also, we can see the use of PCBs. The entertainment and navigation system that is inbuilt into every car is working via PCB. Also, control systems like engine control, fuel regulators etc. function through PCB. Car sensors also have a PCB installed function that helps to better understand situations while driving. Also, soon there will be fully automatic cars in the market which will have multiple PCB uses in them.

Apart from the above real-life uses, there are multiple fields where PCBs are used. Consulting a printed circuit board manufacturer can help us to learn more about the use of PCB.


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