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From Titanic to 5G, we’ve gathered some of the most intriguing conspiracy theories that’ll definitely get you thinking. Explore the mysteries around us!

From Titanic to 5G: Dive into the craziest conspiracy theories

Long ago, in the Marquesas Islands and Tahiti, the people became voyagers. Nobody knows for sure why some of the people left the islands. Maybe, it was earthquakes and the volcanoes didn’t sleep long enough. It could’ve been war. But it’s commonly believed that it was really their curiosity. The ancient Polynesians looked at the horizon and wondered what was out there. 

What would they find if they were to sail across the ocean? And these people wanted answers. So they sailed across the ocean and found islands like Hawaii. Perhaps, few things can be said about the human species as a whole, but one thing many of us seem to share in common is our desire for answers. 

The news is supposed to be true but even we can admit that sometimes, things just don’t sound right. It’s one thing to hear about a conspiracy theory far enough away in history to no longer have an impact on us. But when it comes to the stories that do affect our lives, especially our everyday lives, we want answers!

Unfortunately, we don’t always get the answers. But we’re still determined! Even if it means we have to come up with them ourselves. From Titanic to 5G, we’ve gathered some of the most intriguing conspiracy theories that’ll definitely get you thinking. 


Years from now (when the decade is over) we’re going to catch one of those documentaries that summarize the decade. We’ve seen shows about the ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s and soon, we’ll see the ‘10s special. When it comes time for the ‘20s documentary, we already know what will come to mind when the first two years come up!

Despite the way it may seem sometimes, pandemics are nothing new to human history. This pandemic has joined all of our lives so it was only a matter of time for the Covid-10 conspiracy theory to sprout! Some people believe that 5G phones are to blame for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Singer Keri Hilson posted in a now-deleted Tweet, “5G launched in CHINA. Nov 1, 2019. People dropped dead.” This Tweet was sent to her 4.2 million followers in March of last year. While the virus spread through Europe, fear and tensions rose about 5G. They’ve resulted in vandalism and arons of the mobile infrastructure. There were more than thirty incidents. 

Mobile workers reported harassment and even threats from deluded people. Fortunately, experts have debunked the theory. 

Area 51

Alongside the 5G theory of our technology killing us, aliens are longtime centers of these stories. Remember a few years ago, there was a popular social media trend, claiming to gather a bunch of people and just storm Area 51? The justification being, “They can’t stop us all”. 

We could probably do a whole article on Area 51 theories, but for now, one story says that the military base “. . . was started by the U.S. government to lead the Soviet Union into falsely believing that the U.S. had alien technology during the Cold War.”

We’re not saying that we believe this story, but if it ever came out that the United States’ government knew about extraterrestrial life for a long time now and didn’t bother to publish the information, would you be surprised? 

Killer Clowns

Perhaps you enjoyed clowns as a child. Perhaps you did not. Maybe it just depends on what the clowns look like. But is there truly something creepy about all clowns, even the ones who clearly aren’t trying to be? We all know of the infamous killer clown, John Wayne Gacy. To many, he was the end of real life killer clowns as the rest came from the fictional works of Stephen King

But maybe, there are more clowns out there, real clowns. And these clowns are more than just creepy. They’re disturbing and dangerous. Maybe you remember the killer clowns of 2016? There were clown sightings reported. People were dressed up as evil clowns in strange sightings like near forests, and even more damning, schools. These sightings were in the U.S.,Canada and even other countries. 

Some suspect a cult. Suppose they were a cult like that of American Horror Story and if so, what were their intentions? Could it have been people merely pulling pranks and disturbed individuals? The conspiracy theory states that “. . . the killer clowns of 2016 were originally a promotion for It, but it got out of hand.”

Human Cloning

We’ve seen cloning in sci-fi plenty of times. Chances are, by now, you’ve imagined your life with a clone of you. Would your clone also mean that your minds are alike as well? Cloning is probably still only in science fiction and the closest we have to the real thing are identical twins. But many folks have another thing in mind. 

Human cloning has already been done or attempted. We cloned a sheep named Dolly in 1996 and humans aren’t that much different to sheep in their early blastocyst or embryonic development. Some government agency has probably cloned a human and are watching over that person right now.”

Dolly the sheep is true. She died in 2003, but she was a domesticated sheep and the first mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell through the process of nuclear transfer. Plus, she was cloned back in the mid-nineties and technology has come a long way since then. What is technology capable of today?

From 5G to Titanic, there are several stories out there to explain some of the craziest things in our world. But just how accurate are some of these stories? What are your favorite conspiracy theories? Would you like to hear about the Titanic? It has plenty for an article of its own. Tell us what you think!

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