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5 Myths You Got All Wrong About TS Escort

Considering how popular ts escort have become in the past years, it is only natural that there would be some myths surrounding hiring them. So, if you are interested in hiring ts escort, here are the five most common myths debunked!

  1. Only gays hire ts escort

You would be surprised to learn just how many straight men love to hire trannies as their escorts. This is because transsexual babes know how to have fun, they are educated, classy, and very skilled when it comes to pleasing. So if you are searching for experience with a gorgeous escort, you should consider hiring a pretty tranny.

  1. Transsexuals and transvestites are the same

The word transvestite is not that often used anymore, we refer to them as cross-dressers or sometimes as “drag queens”. This word describes a man who enjoys wearing clothes of the opposite sex. However, transsexuals are people who experience a gender identity that is not the one they were assigned to.

  1. Their sexual orientation is linked to their gender identity

This is completely false!  A lot of people tend to think that transsexuals will only want to have sex with women, however this all depends on them. Some trannies love to have sex with women, others prefer to have sex with men. It all really depends on the transsexual you choose to hire!

  1. Transsexuals are not classy or good escorts

If you are thinking that just by hiring a transsexual escorts you are not going to experience a classy date with a beautiful person, you are wrong. Transsexual escorts are very classy, they are beautiful, educated, and they know how to entertain. So, while you can invite your escort to a fun party, you can also invite them out to a fancy place. Whether you are thinking of taking them on a business date, formal dinner, or to a club, these tranny escorts will know how to act, dress, and talk in any situation.

  1. Protection is not important

For some reason, a lot of clients seem to think that transsexuals will not use protection. However, all the escorts from Australia practice safe sex. This means that condoms are an essential thing for their and your protection. This is not negotiable, transsexual escorts, just like every other escort, will use protection in order to protect themselves from any STIs and STDs.



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