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5 Must-Do Hollywood Activities for Visitors in 2023

See a Show at the Hollywood Bowl

If you are looking for an unforgettable night out in Hollywood, CA, the Hollywood Bowl is an activity that cannot be missed. Opened in 1922 and located in the heart of the Entertainment Capital of the World, this iconic venue offers a unique atmosphere that blends musical artistry with captivating acoustics and visuals incomparable to any other amphitheater. From rock concerts and symphony orchestras to star-studded movie screenings under the stars, there will be something for everyone – no matter what kind of show you are looking for.

Take Photos of the Hollywood Sign

If you are looking for an iconic activity to experience during a trip to Hollywood, CA, in 2023, take some time to capture beautiful photos of the Hollywood Sign. Be sure to arrive early for sunrise, when the mountains and valleys come alive with warm light and stunning shadows. Or, if you are looking for a more vibrant atmosphere, plan to arrive in the late afternoon when the sky is painted with vivid oranges and pinks as it sets behind the sign. There is nothing quite like photographing this historic landmark – the perfect way to immortalize your visit to Los Angeles.

Tour the City on a Sightseeing Bus or Trolley

If you want a fun and leisurely way to explore Hollywood in 2023, hop on a sightseeing bus or trolley. Touring the city on one of these iconic red machines is one of the most exciting things to do while visiting Hollywood. Not only will you relax and soak in the sights, but knowledgeable guides will provide facts and trivia about the area while pointing out all the landmarks on your route. From iconic buildings like Mann’s Chinese Theatre to Marilyn Monroe’s star on the ‘Walk of Fame,’ these buses or trolleys offer a unique way to explore Hollywood that cannot be found anywhere else. So if you are ready for an unforgettable adventure through Tinseltown, grab your ticket and hop on board for a magical tour.

See Hollywood Relics at the Hollywood Museum

Hollywood Museum is a great place to see the city’s history up close and personal and to discover relics from some of Hollywood’s most beloved film and television productions. Whether admiring costumes worn by movie stars as far back as the golden age of cinema or gazing at props from modern classics, you will have a great time exploring this and more within this grand museum. It is one experience where you will not need a reservation or a designated driver to make it memorable – the sheer magnitude of what awaits you amidst those walls will do quite nicely.

Visit the Hollywood Heritage Museum

The Hollywood Heritage Museum is the perfect way to spend your day exploring and appreciating the entertainment industry’s history. From interactive exhibits to insightful artifacts, the museum offers a unique journey that takes you back in time. Learn about how film production began in Hollywood and what it takes to make a successful movie today. Discover all aspects of filmmaking, from early camera technologies to upcoming releases. Plus, get insight into the creative minds who have made major contributions to our understanding of motion picture arts, entertaining us for over a century! With so much to learn and experience, visiting the Hollywood Heritage Museum during your visit to Hollywood will be an unforgettable experience.

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