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True story behind the ’21’ movie

21 is one of the most popular casino themed movies released in 2008. This movie is all about Blackjack. The movie was based upon the novel written by Ben Mezrich under the title “Bringing Down the House”. The experts from Exycasinos helped us to gather info on the true story behind the movie.

Is 21 movies based on a true story?

Some people believe that the movie 21 is based upon a true story. The story of this movie was taken during the early 80s. During that time, no mobile phones were being used by people. Hence, we can’t agree to the fact that this movie is based upon a true story. Mobile phones quickly became popular during the 2000s. In case if mobile phones existed during that time period, the MIT team will probably be gambling at one of the online gambling sites that they could discover at sister casinos.

Creating the team

The players were able to secure success with the card counting scam, both in real life as well as in the movie. However, no player had a criminal background. Instead, all the players were highly skilled students. These students had exceptional math skills. This is the main reason why they could get into the leading universities in the country. Their masterminds helped them to execute the card counting scam effectively and end up with securing successful results at the end of the day.

The real life team was created by three individuals. It was Bill Kaplan who led the team. He was a graduate from the Harvard Business School. He was able to establish the MIT Blackjack Team with two similar mastermind students. In fact, one of them was from Harvard Business School, whereas the other student was from MIT. 

Main characters of the movie

When you take a look at the true story behind 21 movies, you will figure out that Jeff Ma was the youngest person to be on the team. In the movie, he is represented as a person who has a Chinese heritage. This is true in real life as well. 

In the movie, the father of Ben passes away. However, it didn’t happen in real life. In fact, the father of Jeff, who played the role of Ben, could even appear in the movie premier in 2008. On the other hand, Jeff didn’t get any money from his mother, as shown in the movie. He came from one of the wealthiest families in the neighborhood, and he was in a position to afford studies.

Romance in the movie

Jill Taylor is one of the recruits of Professor Micky Rosa. Ben is quite reluctant to join the team, but it is Professor Micky Rose, who influences Ben to go ahead and make the decision. This gives life to a love story. However, there was no such romance between Jeff Ma and Ben in the real world. 

Frustration of Ben during outburst

Due to constant absence, Ben jeopardizes the relationship that he is having with his two best friends. This made him get kicked out of the project. This is where he loses $200,000 in a casino. However, this didn’t happen in real life. In fact, the entire MIT team was highly disciplined, and they were able to control their emotions and play together.

Security of the casino

As you watch 21 movies, you will also see how the security chief of the casino is observing the players and beats up Ben, while asking him to stay away from coming to the casino. Such an incident didn’t happen at all. In fact, no security officer from the casino could figure out what the team is up to. 

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