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The National Dog Show had an incredible selection of winners this year. Here are the best dogs in show for the 2020 competition.

Be grateful for the Best boys and girls: The 2020 National Dog Show

The National Dog Show had an incredible selection of winners this year. COVID-19 stopped neither hosts nor the Kennel Club of Philadelphia from presenting a fantastic awards event. Under Philadelphia guidelines, only dog handlers, dog owner, and staff were allowed on the premises – which didn’t stop us from cheering for our favorite pooches on Thanksgiving.

Hosts David Frei & John O’Hurley were unable to announce from the competition’s location themselves, but legendary commentary was delivered nonetheless. The pandemic’s restrictions also meant only 600 dogs could compete this year instead of the usual 2000. 


The New York Post reported three-year-old Scottish Deerhound Claire took home the Best in Show title. Claire Randall Fraser’s handler Angela Lloyd was thrilled to receive the award for her freshly cut puppy. Lloyd expressed, “Claire has so many wonderful traits.”

Claire is the first Scottish Deerhound to receive Best in Show. This comes as no surprise, as Claire comes from a family of awardwinners. Claire’s mother Chelsea won reserve Best in Show in 2015’s National Dog Competition, and grandmother Hickory won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 2011. 

Claire beat a whopping 538 other entries. Kennel Club of Philadelphia President Wayne Ferguson claimed Claire is part of “one of the oldest breeds that the American Kennel Club recognized”.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon from Denton, Texas won the blue ribbon for his outstanding performance in the Herding Group. Jimmy the Miniature American Shepherd came first, with a Berge Picard in second place. 

Poodle power

For the Non-Sporting Group, Standard Poodle Kam won the title. Kam is an example of the “ideal poodle” with “a very active, intelligent, and elegant appearance”. Dogoday reported Standard Poodles are usually in the Non-Sporting Group along breeds like bulldogs, Dalmatians, and French bulldogs. 

Vinny from the block

The Terrier Group congratulated Wire Fox Terrier Vinny for taking home the title. Vinny has had a great year, having also won the group’s title at the 2020 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Texas toy

Affenpinscher Chester won the Toy Group first place award this year. This puppy came all the way from Houston, Texas. Second place went to a Havanese, third place to a miniature pinscher, and fourth place was won by a smooth-coated Chihuahua. 

Sporty springer

Springer spaniel Teddy from Oxford, Pennsylvania won Sporting Group first place. Second place went to a German shorthaired pointer and third to a golden retriever.

Working to the bone

The Working Group first-place title was given to Portuguese water dog Bowie. The winner came from New York City and accepted the blue ribbon with pride. Bowie beat a boxer in second place and a Bernese mountain dog in third. 

Happy hound

Hound Group winner Claire Randall Fraser was also given the title of Best in Show. Socttish Deerhound Claire beat second-place winner Petit Basset Griffon Verdeen and a whippet in third. A beagle came last, with the yellow ribbon. 

The National Dog Show has been hosted annually by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia since 1933. Thankfully coronavirus didn’t prevent them from showing us the best dogs in the country. The National Dog Show was broadcasted after Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


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