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12 Topic Ideas To Create a Bond in Online Chats in 2023

A Livebeam special

Social media platforms have been doing really well in recent years. Ever since the pandemic kept us all indoors for a period, people have learned to communicate using multiple social media platforms. Livebeam is a communication and entertainment platform. Endowed with features to improve reach and encourage productive interactions, Livebeam is propelling itself to the hearts of many social media users.

Asides from building lasting communications through chat, Livebeam also seeks to do this by giving tips and tricks on effective communication through articles. Today’s article is a special one. 

Online chats will become even more popular in 2023. However, quite a number of people do not know what to talk about. Like Livebeam, online chats are live and require quick responses or discussions. Without a topic or focus, the chat will be dormant.

Here are 12 topic ideas that you can implement in your chats in 2023:

Topics For Learning About Each Other

  • General Information

This is one of the easiest tricks in the book. This is useful, especially at the beginning of the friendship. You can get to know someone by asking several questions about themselves.

You can ask about topics like:

  • Personal information e.g. name, nationality, occupation, etc.
  • Family information e.g. Parent’s nationality, number of siblings, etc.
  • Preferential information e.g. favorite places to visit, interests, hobbies, etc.

Quite a number of these information can easily be assessed on Livebeam by checking the person’s profile page.

  • Current Activities

The bulk of a chat is highly dependent on current activities. You talk about recent occurrences in your life, such as:

  • An eventful week
  • What you are currently working on
  • The occurrences in the news
  • Significant events happening in the immediate surroundings

These topics come up naturally, but they cannot carry the chat all the time and may sometimes be unavailable.

  • Job or School

Most people are either employed or in school. These are communities that also have significant events. You can ask about the schedule and current situation of such places to keep the chat going.

These topics are usually fresh in one’s mind and they can lead to several other discussions due to their relatable nature. The idea is to get into their world.

  • Past Experience

We believe that everyone has a story to tell and that is why past experiences are really productive topics. Livebeam houses people from all over the world, they have varied experiences that you can learn from. It’s a great platform to pick up on so many past experiences.

Past experiences hardly get exhausted, they can be forgotten though. However, there’s so much that a person has done in the past, and they all make for a good story.

  • Future Plans

When discussing topics on current situations or past experiences fail us or have been exhausted, another interesting go-to is future plans. A lot of people have future plans for different aspects of their lives, be it their jobs, school, family, life, or travel plan, these are all interesting topics that could improve bonds.

To kickstart such discussions you could say something like:

  • “So, what do you intend to do about…”
  • “Are you planning on …” 
  • “When next will you…”

Topics For Leisure Discussions

  • Hobbies

People have a series of hobbies and that equates series of topics to discuss. It’s not just about identifying the hobbies but actually deriving interesting conversations from them. You could ask to be taught a hobby or enquire further on why the person chose it as a hobby.

This generates such fun and personal conversations that will surely keep the vibe of the conversation on a positive scale.

  • Skills

If there’s anything that humans find interesting and comforting to talk about, it is something that they are really good at. This is different from a hobby, this is something that the person has mastered either through consistent practice or learning.

A lot of people could talk for hours about something they are good at, this makes skills a great topic to start. You can derive the skills a person possesses from their occupation or their hobbies. Finding out if something is a skill a person possesses is also a great way of starting this discussion. 

  • Fun Games

Enough of the discussions, why don’t you just play an online game? Not every online meeting has to be a lengthy conversation. 

There are many fun games you can play with each other online, which include:

There’s so much more you can play. Distance should never be a problem for fun. You could use the conversation starters on Livebeam to play answering games.

  • Sports

The Olympics boasts of over 40 sports being played in the tournament. That still excludes several other sporting events available globally. Sport is a top-notch topic. Its excessive availability makes for a high probability that someone is involved in or watches at least one.

You can have discussions about:

  • sporting events
  • sporting results
  • Sporting comparisons

Topics For Specific Periods

  • Holidays

These topics don’t come up every day but when they do they save the day. It’s not just talking about the holiday when it holds, it could be;

  • Commenting on the buildup to a holiday e.g. Planning a Halloween costume etc.  
  • Wishing each other on the holiday
  • Discussing how past holidays went

When it’s time to talk about a holiday, you’ll know. You begin to see themes change online and on social platforms like Livebeam, as well as profile pictures being updated – you can’t miss it. 

  • Upcoming Events

Holidays are not the only things that come up at intervals. There are other events that could pop up. Birthdays are one of them. The preparation and anticipation of a birthday could be put into discussion.

Other events could come in the form of parties, vacations, and retreats.

  • Trending News

You really do not have to do any work sometimes when it comes to topics. There is always something trending on the internet. A new meme, a funny skit, a nice catchphrase, a groovy dance. Something that would get everyone talking.

Livebeam users mayare never be out of the trend, such topics can be discussed and put into perspective. 

Join Livebeam today and let’s get chatting!

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