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10 Hair Extension Hacks You Must Know

Achieving the gorgeous hairstyle or adding the right volume to your hair is now possible with the right tape-in hair extensions. From celebrities to influencers, many men and women have been using extensions to style their hair flawlessly and experiment with different looks. If you are having a bad hair day or struggling with dull and lifeless hair, you need an extension to create your desired hairstyle.
The question is, how do you hide your biological hair or stop those flyaways from covering your forehead? Or, how can you curl your extensions perfectly? Wearing and styling hair extensions is not a cakewalk. Let’s check out some quick hair extension hacks that can make the job easier.

Use Loop Brush for Combing

Tape-In hair extensions made of natural hair are also prone to damage and hair strands slipping from the roots. It’s pretty common for women that use a traditional comb to style the extensions. The ideal brush for your wigs or hairpieces is the loop brush that gently sets your hair. They glide easily through your hair and untangle the knots without causing any damage to your biological hair or the extension’s root.

Braid Your Natural Hair to Hide Them

Hair extensions are most commonly used to increase the length of your biological hair. However, those visible short hair strands from your natural hair can ruin your hairstyle, as they make it obvious that you are wearing extensions. To avoid that, braid your short hair and wrap it at the back of your head. Secure the bun with bobby pins. Or, you can wear your natural hair in a ponytail and wear your extensions where you have secured your ponytail. This will help you achieve a flawless hairstyle that blends well with your biological hair.

Always Style Your Extensions in a Hanger

You must style your extensions or wigs before clipping your wefts into your natural hair. Styling your extensions is quite tricky when they are attached, which is why styling them beforehand is advisable. You can get a hanger for your hairpieces and brush or style the hair strands in them. Your extensions will securely hang on the wig stands and give you the required flexibility to curl, straighten, or style them however you like. It gives you a clear view of your extensions, allowing you to style them using both hands and clip them into your styled hair to get a perfect blend.

Seal Your Extension

The wefts are less likely to fall when they are sealed properly. Sealing also makes it easier to style the extension and install them. Ask your hairstylist to seal the wefts so that the hair strands do not fall here and there when you wear them. To do this, place your extensions on a flat surface. Using a sealant, start stitching your wefts from one end and work your way to the other end gently.
Do not get the sealant on the hair itself, as it might ruin the hair texture or shine. Get professional help if you aren’t sure about the sealing part. Any hair stylist will be able to seal off the wefts. It’s highly advisable to stitch off your hair extensions, as it can reduce your hair fall by up to 50 percent.

Wash Them Regularly

Even the best human hair extensions require regular wash and maintenance. You must treat them like your natural hair. Just like you’d wash, shampoo, condition, and exfoliate your biological hair, the same should be done to your extensions to keep them looking good.
Depending on the frequency of use and the environment they are exposed to, you might want to wash them less often. Ideally, you should wash them twice a week (if you wear them regularly to work and for other purposes). Regular washing will help you retain the moisture, keeping your locks in good condition. Smooth tresses also allow you to brush and style your hair flawlessly.

Air Dry Your Extensions

Avoid exposing your hair to the blow dryer regularly. The best hair care routine for your extensions would be to wash them a night before you need them and let them air dry. You must blow dry them only if it’s absolutely urgent, and that too in a low-heat setting.

Attach Your Extensions Away From the Roots

A common mistake people make when wearing extensions is attaching them to the roots of the hair. When attaching your extensions, you must place them away from the roots. This ensures that your extensions won’t be noticeable when you flip your hair. You can also layer multiple extensions of varying lengths to your hair. This will help you achieve natural, fuller, and more voluminous locks.

Avoid Too Much Heating

Hairpieces are designed to be styled using different styling products, including heating tools. And while the hair looks gorgeous when they are straightened or curled perfectly, using too many heating appliances can cause extreme damage to your hair extensions. It can damage the texture and might cause excessive hair shedding. Using these tools occasionally is okay, but make sure you set the temperature to a normal level and apply a heat protectant before using heating appliances.

Store Them Properly

Use an air-tight container to store your wefts in a cool and dry place. Roll the wefts, pin them, and store them in this container. You can also get an extension carrier that securely stores your extensions without tangling them or causing any damage to the hair texture. These are portable and can be carried anywhere you like.

Back Comb Your Natural Hair

Extensions require voluminous hair so they can be attached successfully. If you have excessive hair thinning or very little volume left, you can comb your hair backward to get fuller and voluminous tresses. Using dry shampoo can also help you retain the right hair texture and volume.
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Try the best human hair extensions and style them considering the above-listed tips. se hacks to enjoy your extensions and create different hairstyles with your hairpiece. These hacks will surely give you the best hairstyles with your extensions and a flawless look.

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