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10 Facts To Consider Before Choosing Exterior House Painting

A new coat of paint can go a long way toward improving the look of your home’s exterior. The right paint job will enhance the beauty of your property and increase its value at the same time. However, before you decide to take on an exterior house painting project yourself or hire a professional, there are some essential facts to consider.

1. Apply actual paint samples

You cannot select a paint colour for your house based on a photograph. Not at all! Before settling on a hue for your outside, you must test it out. Ensure to include time for sampling in various lighting situations in your painting process.

2. Observe all the different lights

You must have noticed that colours appear different in various lights. You must have noticed a grey home on the corner that seems purple in overcast weather or a beige house down the street that appears pink in the late afternoon. Most people are unaware that some lighting setups can reveal unexpected undertones, particularly paint shades. When it comes to greys, beige, and whites, this is very accurate. Additionally, it would help if you considered the direction of your residence face. Why? Because the light from the west is so warm in the late afternoon, it can intensify any overtones of red, pink, yellow, or orange. Cool light from the north might reveal undertones of blue and purple. You may offset this impact by selecting warmer colours for homes facing the north and more excellent or neutral colours for those facing the west.

3. Apply colourful visualisers

You must check out the look by looking at the websites of professional paint service providers that include user-friendly visualiser functions. Use the samples you receive before making any purchases to test out ideas and colour schemes that you have in mind. Choose an outside image from their collection (great for experimenting with colour schemes) or upload your own for a more distinctive experience. In either event, employing these visualiser tools will allow you to eliminate colours that you previously thought may work (but don’t) and concentrate solely on those that will significantly enhance the look of your house.

4. Don’t forget the trims and accents

Surfaces like roof shingles or tiles, masonry, paths, and roads will only need to be replaced if you’re conducting a comprehensive makeover. Consider these when you select the colours for the outside.

5. Neighbourhood colour

You’ve heard the expression, “Read the room.” When selecting exterior colours, you must follow the same basic idea. Discover what colours are prevalent in your neighbourhood by taking a stroll around. Although a pink house could look great in a seaside town, it might not be appropriate for a suburban area. Make sure that any exterior colour choices you make go nicely with the neighbourhood’s general style.

6. Cost of materials & labour

One of the essential aspects to consider before beginning an exterior house painting project is how much it will cost. Hiring a professional painter in Essendon may be more cost-effective due to their access to discounts on materials and the added benefit of labour savings. If you choose to do the work, make sure you budget for all necessary supplies, including brushes, rollers, tape, drop cloths and paint. Additionally, you should factor in costs for proper disposal of leftover material if needed.

7. Surface preparation

Before any painting service in Essendon begins, your existing surface must be adequately prepared. It means removing flaking or chipped paint and cleaning dirt and debris from all surfaces that need to get painted. Use a pressure washer with a mild detergent, or scrub with a wire brush for best results. This process is vital because it ensures adhesion between your new paint and the existing surface. Any imperfections in this area can result in poor coverage and uneven finish later down the line.

8. Weather Conditions

It’s also important to consider weather conditions when planning an exterior house painting project. Ideally, it would help if you waited until temperatures are consistently above 50°F before beginning any outdoor painting projects, as colder temperatures can cause problems with adhesion and drying times which could lead to peeling later down the road. Also, moisture levels should be considered, as high humidity can slow down drying times significantly, so plan when scheduling your project timeline!

9. Your house’s age

When painting the outside of an ancient house, consider its past. If you paint the exterior in a garish hue, you can turn off potential buyers drawn to your home because of its rustic appeal.

It doesn’t imply that you should only do the outside painting in black or white; instead, you might pick a hue reflecting the house’s historical value. One tip for selecting paint for an old home is to consult a historical colour chart and choose the shades that the house already had or a popular hue at the time it was built.

10. Driveway colour

You should also consider the colour of your driveway and pavers, much as how you should choose exterior home paint that goes well with your roof’s natural colour.

While having a holistic property that is visually pleasing is crucial, harmonising colours has the extra advantage of being less expensive than altering the driveway and pavement. Instead of changing or rebuilding these buildings, it is simpler and cheaper to pick exterior home paint that complements their original hue.

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Overall, several things need to be considered before beginning an exterior house painting job, including labour and material expenses, the need for surface preparation, and the weather during application. Taking these facts into account will help ensure that you get the best possible results from your project, whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional painter in Essendon! With proper planning and preparation, you can rest assured that your home’s exterior will look great for years to come!

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