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The Digital ‘Red Pill’: How X Li’s Music Video NFTs are Reshaping the Landscape of Film and Music Industry

Film Daily broke an extraordinary story recently – an independent musician from Los Angeles named X Li made a staggering 21 Ethereum, equivalent to approximately $36,000, in just two weeks. For independent musicians navigating the traditional industry, this is an astronomical figure. The surprising avenue for such success? Music Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Further investigations led us to discover that X Li’s sensational NFT was for the song “Think I’m In Love With You”. However, his first venture into the NFT world was in November 2022 with the music video “Red Pill”.

The “Red Pill” video, set in the heart of Niagara Falls city, features a fascinating juxtaposition between scenes set in a rundown motel and a luxurious suite, capturing the stark disparity between reality and aspiration.

Like “Think I’m In Love With You,” “Red Pill” was launched as an NFT on, the largest NFT video platform. It soared to prominence almost instantly, securing the number one position on the weekly chart and the fourth spot on the all-time list. In just two days, all 15 limited edition ‘Red Pill’ NFTs were sold, collecting a total of 83 SOL (Solana’s native cryptocurrency).

The success of “Red Pill” and “Think I’m In Love With You” has introduced a new business model that could potentially revolutionize the film and music industry. With the integration of blockchain technology, it offers a new way for creators to monetize their work and for fans to directly support their favorite artists.

However, it’s essential to note that the potential advantages of NFTs extend far beyond their financial benefits. Owning an NFT offers fans a unique sense of connection to the artist and their work, a novelty that could redefine fan-artist relationships in the digital era.

Looking to the future, the impact of “Red Pill” and “Think I’m In Love With You” suggest that the integration of NFTs and blockchain technology in the music and video industries could be more than just a passing trend. Instead, it could mark the beginning of a significant transformation in how we produce, distribute, and engage with music and video content.

In conclusion, the phenomenon surrounding “Red Pill” and X Li’s subsequent success signals a potential paradigm shift in the film and music industries. It’s a development that artists, fans, and industry professionals should take note of. Because, as X Li has demonstrated, once we’ve ventured into the world of digital ‘red pills,’ the industry might never be the same again.


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