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Ready to launch your career but aren't sure about selecting a distribution service? Read our guide to finding the best music distribution services online.

Best Music Distribution Services Online

Music forms the heartbeat of any culture. The biggest of occasions, the fondest of memories are all incomplete without music. Moreover, music acts as a medium for people to express their emotions. Thus, we must look to promote and encourage music and those who create it. 

The biggest problem that new music composers and singers face is that of music distribution. They usually don’t have the money required to publicize their music and end up being limited to a small audience. However, the internet, as we say, is a reservoir of opportunities that provides multiple platforms that allow free music distribution. It is an exciting portal for all the newcomers in the music industry to publicize their music.

Most Valuable Features, Costs & Income

Firstly, online music distribution services like Cosmo Media provide you with worldwide coverage and provide you with a huge audience. Secondly, the online music distribution services are absolutely free of cost. They provide the music creators with barcodes and ISRC codes without charging anything. A dedicated support team is paired with the creator in order to assist them and make their distribution journey smoother.

Other special features are uniquely provided to the music creator like special URLs, release day reservations, etc. Whatever income flows from the sale of one’s music, the platform is only going to keep 20% as royalty. The creator has the sole right over the remaining 80% of the income which he/she can withdraw anytime. Thus, the system of free online music distribution services is profitable, both in terms of profits and content publication and popularity.

Ownership Rights

A major concern that the original creator might have while pairing with an online platform is that of ownership rights. However, all credible music distribution platforms allow the creators to retain the ownership rights to themselves. In fact, this is the biggest benefit of digital music distribution. 

The online platform merely acts as a publishing platform that helps you increase your music’s reach and popularity. You can enter into a contract to publish it and terminate it at your will at any point in time. Having such liberty gives a sense of autonomy to the music creators. It encourages them to think of themselves as professionals and not mere employees.

Promotion & Distribution

Gone are the days when music distribution was merely restricted to the physical mode in music or other entertainment stores. Online distribution of music is undoubtedly the best music distribution service that any music creator can enjoy. It provides you with the opportunity to publish your music on the most popular music platforms across the world. 

These digital distribution services help you publish your music on more than 100 platforms including YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. These free music distribution platforms allow you to even customize your music distribution.

Special Services & Promotional Partnerships

Digital music distribution platforms allow you to access sales statistics. This provides the creators with an opportunity to understand and improve the content and reach of their music. Also, a number of times writers and singers fail to get the right sound for their creation. These distribution companies even help you in getting the right music for your creation with the help of experienced musicians. Finally, they provide PR services to all types of musicians. 

They have affordable yet effective packages for independent singers, groups, and bands to help them expand their coverage. They have customized packages depending on the music genre to provide music creators with the right blend of promotion. Thus, these websites help you to sell your music online in an extremely professional manner at affordable prices.

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