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Music And Movement: Top Engaging Activities For Preschoolers

All the parents out there would agree to the fact that they want their children to be engaged in something but not with the mobile phones. This is also one of the reasons why parents and caregivers are always on the lookout for activities that can engage our little ones in the best way possible. Out of all the activities that are conducted at many top play schools to keep the little ones engaged one such activity that has come up as both enjoyable and beneficial for preschoolers i music and movement. 

There are many playschools out there that use the combination of music and environment to help children develop many important skills. All of these learnings happen while keeping the children happily engaged in activities that give them a great time. So, today in this blog we will be exploring top engaging activities for preschoolers that involve music and movement. All these activities are performed at various play schools and if they are not its time to add them to the list. 

Best Engaging Activities For Preschoolers That Involve Music & Movement: 

  1. Dance Party: 

How about a dance party? Yes dance party is one amazing idea for keeping preschoolers engaged and making them learn new things. Just turn up the music and let the little ones show off their dance moves and enjoy their whole day out. Dancing is one amazing activity that not only promotes physical activity but also helps children work on their cognitive abilities. It is the dancing activities that help children improve their balance, coordination, and most importantly rhythm-catching sense. Every preschool should conduct a dance party-like event once a week to encourage children to move their bodies to the beat and express themselves through dance. Just turn up the music and let the little ones show off their special dance moves or their feelings through dance

  1. Musical Statues: 

The second activity on the list that little children can enjoy with music is the musical statues. All you have to do is play some upbeat music and make your preschoolers dance around. The one rule you have to make children understand is that when the music stops, they have to freeze like a statue and this is why this activity is titled Musical statues. It is somehow similar to a musical chairs game but gives dancing activity more area. Because in musical chairs children can show off their dance moves like this in the game. Musical Statues fame not only helps enhance the listening skills of the children but also helps them learn self-control and body awareness. 

  1. Follow the Leader: 

We all have played this game when we were little, the name of the game is Follow the Leader. This is a popular game that most of the playschools do conduct with educators and children together. All you have to do is choose a leader amongst the little children and let the leader demonstrate different movements to their fellows. It can be anything like jumping, or spinning. Clapping, dancing, or anything else. The other children have to follow or imitate the leader’s actions. Teachers can keep a check on who is following in the right way or who is not able to catch the actions. This activity promotes observation skills, listening skills, and imitation skills while inculcating creativity. 

  1. Musical Instruments: 

Another great way to involve children in interactive activities with something associated with music is by adding musical instruments to their study schedules. Yes, you can do that by providing your preschoolers with some simple and easy-to-use musical instruments like tambourines, drums, or simply the shakers. All these musical instruments are quite easy to use. Moreover, it is not necessary to add just these musical instruments, playschools can also employ special music classes where teachers will educate children on how to play the different musical instruments. It will also encourage them to move their bodies and brain in sync with the music. It is a researched fact that playing with musical instruments helps develop hand-eye coordination and a sense of understanding rhythm among young children. 

  1. Scarf & freeze Dance: 

Dancing is a great activity that involves both body movement and understanding of the music. So, one crazy musical activity preschoolers will definitely enjoy is the scarf and freeze dance. Scarf dance and freeze dance are two different activities and here’s how you can enjoy it with preschoolers. For the scarf dance, you have to give every child a colorful scarf and then play some cool lovely music. Teachers have to encourage children to move the scarf in different ways or use it as a companion for dance. On the other hand, in freeze dance, play some music and let your preschoolers dance freely. When the music stops, they have to freeze in whatever position they are in. These two activities are super entertaining and encourage children to work on gross motor skills, control their movements, and most importantly help improve balance and coordination. 

  1. Musical Storytelling: 

You might have seen various musical skits or plays happening in the school. There’s a reason behind that musical storytelling feeling. So, how about entertaining the little ones studying at your preschool with a musical storytelling activity? All you have to do is choose a favorite storybook of the preschool children and then narrate it in the form of a musical experience. Teachers can add a piece of recorded music to it in order to enhance the storytelling experience. Moreover, you can also encourage children to act or participate in any manner for storytelling activity. This will help them learn how to narrate a story through movement, music, and dance altogether. Musical storytelling activity is simply not for entertainment purposes but it also combines the goodness of imagination, physical activity, and literacy skills. 

  1. Musical Yoga for Kids:

Last, but not the least, the most delightful music and movement activity for children in preschools can be a joyful musical yoga session. The best about a musical yoga session is that it combines the benefits of mindfulness, creativity, and physical activity. Yoga teachers at playschools can introduce children to some child-friendly yoga poses and can incorporate soothing music into the session. By pairing some calm melodies with relaxing yoga poses tunes the children with active movements and helps improve their physical flexibility and strength. Not just that it also promotes mindfulness and relaxation with a deeper body awareness. Musical yoga serves as a holistic approach to promote early childhood development that can last a lifetime. 


Now, with all the above-mentioned activities, you might now be convinced that incorporating music at the preschool centre can bring so much joy and development in the lives of our little children. The music and movement activities we mentioned are not just limited, there are lot many more activities that can benefit preschoolers overall, and that too in a fun and interactive manner. Preschools are helping children grow and develop in so many creative ways by incorporating music into their curriculum. So, whether you are a preschool educator or a parent, it’s time to learn the importance of music in your little one’s life. Go ahead, turn up the music, and let your child groove and thrive in the world! 

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