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Miley Cyrus rocked the Super Bowl stage Sunday while performing her hit songs and covers. Read all about her impressive & iconic show here.

Miley Cyrus’s “Bad Reputation”: Her Super Bowl songs prove she’s still got it

Miley Cyrus truly rocked the nation like a “Wrecking Ball” on Sunday when she headlined the Super Bowl LV pregame. As she tore up the stage performing her hit songs and other beloved covers, Miley Cyrus also welcomed legendary guests Joan Jett & Billy Idol to join her at Tampa Bay’s Raymond James Stadium. Read all about her unforgettable show here. 


The twenty-eight-year-old superstar kicked off the “TikTok Tailgate” in a glamorous pink & black cheerleader outfit performing her own version of Toni Basil’s “Mickey” by substituting the words with “Oh Miley”. Her costume was complete with matching pink knee pads, black heeled boots, and the acronym “FTW” spelled out across her rhinestone studded outfit. 

Miley Cyrus then performed a few of her own songs from her latest album Plastic Hearts, including her hit “Prisoners” with Dua Lipa, and later even brought out rock legend Billy Idol to perform their duet “Night Crawling” with one another. From there, the two singers transitioned to Idol’s 1982 hit “White Wedding”. 

The glamorous musician then continued to rock the stage by performing Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”, a fan-favorite cover of hers that went viral all over social media the previous year, and even credited Blondie for being one of artists who influenced her previous album. 

Miley Cyrus continued to cover other songs, including “Head Like a Hole” by Nine Inch Nails & “Jolene” by Dolly Parton, giving a shout out to Parton by calling her “fairy godmother” and telling the crowd: “If you can’t tell that we’re related, rhinestones run in the family”, referring to her glammed-out costume. 

The singer then changed into a football jersey with black heels and “Cyrus” written on the back of her jersey. Rock star Joan Jett then surprised the crowd by joining alongside Miley Cyrus to perform hit songs such as their Plastic Hearts hit “Bad Karma” and her own iconic singles “Bad Reputation” & “I Hate Myself for Loving You”. 

After Joan Jett left the stage, Miley shouted: “”When folks think of football weekend, they don’t always think strong women, but after this I think they will”. 

A few other songs Miley Cyrus performed on stage were her own classics such as the fun & lively “Party in the USA”. The star also gave an emotional performance of her heartbreaking ballad “Wrecking Ball”, and confessed to the crowd: “I wear a lot of glitter, and I wear a lot of armor, but I also wear my heart on my sleeve”. She then finished with her empowering song “The Climb”.

Health care workers

Miley Cyrus performed her hit songs & covers to a crowd filled with health care workers who have been working in the frontlines of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In the middle of the show, she made a point to thank all of them: “This is my first show in about a year, and I could not imagine a better way than here in Tampa surrounded by all these healthcare heroes.”  

The superstar noted she released Plastic Hearts knowing that she probably wouldn’t have the chance to perform it in person for her fans, and added: “I hope I can have more like these [concerts]. And that dream will only be a reality because of people like yourselves…Our gratitude toward you is infinite.” 

Miley also dedicated her song “Angels Like You” to the workers in the crowd, and before singing “High”, the musician said: “It’s my honor to perform for you, and a dedication of a song can never repay you for a service.” 

Miley’s performance was an absolute blast to watch on Sunday, and we can definitely assume fans weren’t disappointed in her glamorous performance one bit. What do you have to say about the wild & talented singer? Let us know in the comments. 

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